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The 31st anniversary of PV GAS establishment: Pride of tradition – High growth aspiration

In September, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) celebrates the anniversary of establishment in middle of autumn, looking forward to the memorable ceremony of the country and the Oil and Gas Industry. The 31st anniversary of PV GAS this year was organized in a rather special context of the whole country’s fight against "Covid enemy", and gradually recovering and developing economy. At the time of the "fire proving gold", looking back at the proud development history, the whole PV GAS is more determined, united, and striving; promotes the tradition of corporate culture, and confidently steps on new paths.

PV GAS is currently the leading and key unit of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) to evolve the gas industry in the Group's development strategy; to fully operate in all stages of the gas and gas product value chain, including collection, transportation, processing, storage, distribution and trade of gas and gas products.

Established on September 20 in 1990 with the original name of Gas Company, PV GAS has gradually developed and is currently managing the relatively full infrastructure of Vietnam's gas industry (including 5 gas systems with a length of more than 1,500 km of gas pipelines, 3 gas processing plants with a total capacity of more than 10 billion m3/year, 14 LPG storage warehouses with a total capacity of nearly 150,000 tons, a gas/ gas products distribution system for the whole country ...) with an asset value of more than VND70 trillion.

Over 31 years of establishment and development, PV GAS has became a large corporation with 19 affiliated units/members, nearly 3,000 highly qualified, experienced, dynamic and creative employees. PV GAS currently each year provides raw materials and fuel to produce nearly 15 per cent of energy output, 70 per cent of the country's nitrogen demand and the total fuel for many industrial parks; accounting for 100 per cent of the dry gas market share, about 70 per cent of the wholesale market share and nearly 12 per cent of the domestic LPG retail market.

In last 31 years, PV GAS supplied more than 155 billion cubic metres of dry gas, nearly 20 million tons of LPG, and around 2 million tons of condensate, generating the total revenue of about VND915 trillion, profit before tax of more than VND175 trillion, and the contribution to the State’s budget of nearly VND85 trillion.

With the great achievements, PV GAS deserves to become as the largest dry gas transporter and supplier as well as the No. 1 LPG producer and trader in Vietnam; successfully completing the tasks assigned by the Party and State; contributing to ensuring national energy and food security; as well as a stable supply for the LPG market; honoring to receive many medals, emulation flags, certificates of merit, certificates... from the State, ministries, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, and prestigious organizations in the region, especially the noble title of Hero of Labor awarded by the State. PV GAS has also become the flagship of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, and been honored as the Top Enterprise in Vietnam and the region for many years by many independent accreditation organizations…

Culture, aspirations, skills and spirits for development in future

With the Vision: PV GAS is developed as the strong, sustainable, and highly competitive gas enterprise which fully operates in all stages of the gas and gas products value chain; Takes a leading role in the Vietnam Gas Industry and actively participates in the international market. The Same Mission: Bringing energy from nature to serve the development of the business community, people and the country. PV GAS is constantly growing in terms of scale and operations, committing to comply with the business philosophy set out with customers and partners. PV GAS leadership always affirms its efforts to build and sustainably develop the PV GAS brand, on the basis of transparency and attracting domestic and foreign investment sources, carrying out the Gas Industry Development Strategy in an effort to ensure the interests of shareholders and investors.

In 2021, like the development path in past time, PV GAS will face many difficulties and challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic’s continuously complex evolution; the increasing competition in the LPG trade and supply sector; the decreasing proportion of gas sources with low input prices; and many changes in policy mechanism, ... It is expected that PV GAS must mobilize the maximum available resources to remove and overcome these challenges. However, “fire proves gold, adversity proves men ". With a solid potential of facilities, assets, finance, experience, reputation, brand,... and especially the PV GAS leaders with management capacity and high sense of responsibility, modern and professionally working style, sensitivity to the economy’s evolution, long-term strategic vision, timely issuance of reasonable decisions; and its every employee always striving to work creatively with the highest sense of discipline; PV GAS believes that it will achieve the planned targets and tasks in 2021, as well as development goals in the medium and long term.

On each growth ladder, PV GAS Culture - that continues from the spirit of Petrovietnam's fire seekers; being forged from desire, wisdom, skills and spirits of  PV GAS generations- is the spiritual strength and solid fulcrum to raise the aspiration, leading PV GAS to continue to obtain new achievements.

«March 2023»

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