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PV GAS Trade Union organizes a “PV GAS- My love” writing contest

To celebrate the 31st anniversary of the establishment of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) (September 20, 1990 - September 20, 2021), PV GAS Trade Union of Executive Office has launched a writing contest with theme "PV GAS - My love".

The writing contest of "PV GAS - My love" aimed to create a chance for PV GAS Executive Office’s employees to record the memories, emotions, and thoughts; showing the attachment, solidarity, and unanimity during the 31 years of PV GAS establishment and development.

With the participation of all employees at PV GAS Executive Office, the contest synthesized a variety of articles about "real people, real things", sharing feelings of camaraderie; saving unforgettable collective memories; and impressions of the first working day or the process of "working together" at PV GAS... Even it was simply feeling, nostalgia, praise for a role model in life, and gratitude to people that helped overcome difficulties… Especially, the contest encouraged articles that recorded the difficult but unforgettable journey, when each PV GAS member is fighting against Covid-19 pandemic with the whole country while he/she strives to complete the task.

The contest organizers encouraged originality and diversity of candidates. The latter could submit prose, poetry, and other forms with a total amount of words less than 1,500 words and in standard Vietnamese language. Each employee could submit two entries to the fanpage of the Trade Union Executive Office on September 9-17. The author was responsible for the copyright for the content and images, and the authenticity of the information in the article.

The time for synthesization and announcement of the results was on September 20 – PV GAS' 31st birthday.

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