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PV GAS’s Trade Union in celebrating 94th anniversary of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor

Based on Plan No. 371/KH- CĐDK dated July 13, 2023, of PVN Trade Union regarding the 94th anniversary of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (July 28, 1929 - July 28, 2023), recently, PV GAS Trade Union has developed and executed a plan to celebrate this meaningful day.

To comprehensively and coherently disseminate information  

The Action Program No. 02/CTr-BCH, dated July 20, 2021, by the Executive Committee of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor on the implementation of the 13th National Party Congress's Resolution and Resolution 02-NQ/TW, dated June 12, 2021, by the Politburo on "Renewing the organization and operation of the Vietnam Trade Union in the new situation" was commanded to be effectively executed. Therefore, PV GAS’s trade union and its chapters must actively propagate exact information as well as prevent and fight against any misconceptions and hostile propaganda and misleading, altogether safeguarding the Party's ideological foundation and trade union organizations.


PV GAS Trade Union Executive Committee entered a new working term


PV GAS Trade Union required its chapters to propagate the following information:

•    The history and tradition of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.
•    The position, role, and contributions of the working class and trade unions.
•    The 4th Nguyen Duc Canh Award - a prestigious award by the General Confederation of Labor.
•    The Party's guidelines, viewpoints, and policies, as well as state laws related to trade unions and their members and laborers.

Especially, upcoming activities must consistently integrate the propaganda of celebrating the 94th anniversary. They are also to promote the congresses at all levels and the 13th National Congress, following the guidelines provided in the Instructions No. 641/HD-CĐDK, dated November 24, 2022, by PVN Trade Union and Instructions No. 78/KVN-CĐ, dated December 30, 2022, by PV GAS.


PV GAS' employees to achieve remarkable results in celebrating the anniversary


To diversify forms of communication

The chapters can choose various forms of propaganda that are suitable within the internal organization. For example, they can organize competitions, conferences, and seminars or cultural, artistic, and sports activities at their offices to create a joyful and vibrant atmosphere in celebrating this anniversary.

To enhance the effectiveness of their activities and propaganda, and to spread exact information across social media platforms and groups, the chapters were asked to develop plans and conduct media campaigns on newspapers, websites and so on. Additionally, carrying out visual propaganda at offices, units, and areas with a large number of participants was greatly appreciated.
PV GAS Trade Union also provided slogans for propaganda purposes and encourage chapters to use them in their activities and events.


PV GAS photo contest: "The Beauty within People in PV GAS Trade Unions" - one of the artistic activities of PV GAS Trade Union


To Actively support chapters in implementing propaganda activities

PV GAS Trade Union takes on the responsibility of providing guidance and instructions for organizing propaganda activities and commemorating the 94th anniversary within the company. In the upcoming period, PV GAS Trade Union will guide its affiliated trade unions to gather opinions from union members and laborers at Workers' Forum 2023 on policies and laws related to union members and laborers, and trade union activities (according to Official Letter No. 355/CĐDK-TGNC dated July 7, 2023). PV GAS Trade Union has also provided guidance and support to its members and affiliates in participating in the "Trade Union's Embrace" writing competition organized by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

PV GAS’s Communication and Corporate Culture Division and Digital Transformation and Information Technology Division will collaborate to support PV GAS Trade Union and its affiliated trade unions in carrying out effective propaganda work, and creating a vibrant atmosphere to celebrate the shared joy of the entire Vietnam Trade Union.

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