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PV GAS meets State Inspection Authority of Laos

Implementing the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and the State Inspection Authority of Laos, and as part of the Government Inspectorate's foreign activities program in 2023, the State Inspection Authority of Laos conducted a training program in Vietnam in July 2023. On July 28th, the delegation visited and worked with PV GAS to study the practical experience of internal corporate inspection activities.

The opening of the seminar was led by Mr. Pham Dang Nam – PV GAS’s Vice President, stating it was an honor for the company to host the seminar where representatives from Vietnam business community gathered to discuss issues related to inspection work and report on the actual situation of inspection and control activities within the enterprise.

Mr. Pham Dang Nam emphasized that PV GAS would always place a high priority on those activities to ensure transparency and promote sustainable development. Therefore, meetings and in-depth exchanges like this seminar would provide valuable learning experiences for PV GAS, enabling the company to maintain its leading position in the Oil & Gas industry and enhance its brand both regionally and globally.


PV GAS meets the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and State Inspection Authority of Laos 


Mr. Douangta MORAKASOUK - Chief Inspector of Bolikhamsai Province - Head of the State Inspection Authority of Laos, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality of Vietnam and PV GAS, which helped maintaining the strong bond between the two brotherly nations. The delegation consisted of 20 officials from various levels. They came to Vietnam to implement a study program, aiming to apply the practical experience gained here to their inspection work in Laos. The results of this business visit would be reported to the State Inspection Authority of Laos and Party Committees of relevant provinces, and be widely spread within the sector.

Mr. Do Trung Kien - Deputy General Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam, stressed that the cooperation program with the Lao counterparts had undergone 20 years of collaboration with numerous meetings, exchanges, training sessions, and visits with significant effectiveness. The specialized seminar organized at PV GAS contributed to strengthening the unity and supplementing valuable experiences for the management and development of business communities in both countries. It also helped enhance the efficiency of state management activities which would be of great importance for safeguarding the interests of the State and the legitimate rights and interests of businesses.


Mr. Douangta MORAKASOUK - Chief Inspector of Bolikhamsai Province 


Mr. Trinh Van Minh – General Manager of the Planning Division of PV GAS, presented a comprehensive overview report about PV GAS’s remarkable achievements and deserving position as a pioneering enterprise in Vietnam's gas industry. PV GAS has continuously received prestigious recognitions as one of the best-listed companies in Vietnam and earned the title of a National Brand. The company consistently achieves high revenues, profits, and contributes significantly to the largest corporate income tax payments in the country.

Mr. Do Trung Kien - Deputy General Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam 


Mr. Pham Anh Tuan – General Manager of Internal Control Division of PV GAS, delivered a report titled "Internal Control Activities - Inspection and Control work of PV GAS". The internal control activities at PV GAS are organized in compliance with Vietnam's legal regulations and are based on good practices in corporate governance both domestically and internationally. The internal control work operates on all three levels to ensure that all activities of the company align with the established objectives. In particular, PV GAS’s Board of Directors and Board of Management pay strict attention to striking a balance between growth and control objectives on a regular basis to minimize significant and/or potential risks while ensuring sustainable development of the company.

Eventually, PV GAS received great appreciation from the Lao Delegation, who expressed their desire to further enhance specialized cooperation between the two countries.


The Lao Delegation showed their appreciation for this seminar and desire for other occasions like that in the future


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