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PV GAS’s Party Committee leads to excellently carry out politic tasks in the year’s first half

Despite disadvantaged conditions especially influences caused by COVID-19 and social distance in the year’s first six months, the Party’s standing committee and executive board of the Party Committee at Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) carried forward their core role to complete the Corporation’s politic tasks excellently.

From January to April, the Corporation’s Party Committee instructed to successfully organise 72 congresses of its member units’ party committees. The election results of its member units’ party committees were approved in time and according to legal regulations, creating favourable conditions for the executive committees to lead and instruct their units to carry out the Party Congress’ Resolutions in the new period. 

On May 14-15, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation’s the 10th Party Congress in the 2020-2025 period was organised successfully. This was the key Congress of the entire Party Committee at Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and the Congress’ success was appraised by the Group’s Standing Committee.

After the Congress, executive committees within the entire Party Committee immediately set up a Working Regulations, a Working Programme for the period and 2020, and a Staff Board for assisting Party affairs to carry out the Party Congress’ Resolutions soon.

The Corporation’s Party Committee is fully aware of and leads the timely implementation of the Directions and Resolutions of the Central Party Committee and the higher-level executive committees. These Directions and Resolutions are creatively applied in the PV GAS’ the real context to build a strong Party Organisation of politics, thoughts, and organisations and to carry out enough functions and tasks of the Party Organisation in enterprises.

Besides successfully organising Party Congress Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation’s the 10th Party Congress in the 2020-2025 period in the first six months- an important event in politic life of the entire PV Gas, the Corporation’s Party Committee grasped thoroughly and led to well carry out the Direction and Resolutions of the Central Party Committee; improving effectiveness in the leadership to implement politic tasks and complete assigned tasks excellently. 

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