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PV GAS organises an annual conference to review safety-health-environment activities in 2019 and to carry out the plan in 2020

Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) on June 26 organised an annual conference on safety-health-environment to evaluate results, shortcomings and experiences in the implementation in 2019 and the year’s first quarter, and to set out tasks and targets for these activities in the upcoming time.

Speaking at the conference, PV GAS’ General Director, said that because this gas industry’s specific characteristics were the high risks of fire and explosion during production and trades, PV GAS always had an awareness of ensuring security and safety to be the leading task and magnetic needle for each activity. In 30 years of establishment and development, PV GAS has ensured safety in each process of production and trade so there has been not any severe fire accident which affects its staff, environment and property. PV GAS every year sets up and issues the Plan of labour safety and hygiene according to the legal regulations, and assigns specific tasks for all its units. The conference was a chance to evaluate the results of the implementation of safety-health-environment tasks and a forum for PV GAS’ the units to share, to discuss experiences, difficulties, and shortcomings, and to address solutions to overcome and improve the quality of the management of safety-health-environment tasks at the Corporation and its members.       

In the conference, safety-health-environment activities in 2019 and the year’s first quarter, and the methods for the implementation of tasks in the year’s remaining months were summarised in a lively film. Although pipeline systems and equipment have been put into use for many years, gas works continuously have been expanded, invested to build, and repaired, safety has been maintained thanks to the care and directions of leaders and efforts of the entire Corporation. There were remarkable results: operating gas works always were ensured, continuous and effective; ensuring quality for gas products distributed to customers; well controlling the maintenance, repair, and investment in construction as well as activities which could affect the environment negatively. The safety-health-environment system was more and more perfect. Most of criteria set in the safety-health-environment tasks were obtained and the rate of progress was ensured. The good implementation of safety tasks contributed to the common success of PV GAS in last year and the year’s first months. 

In the year’s first quarter, although COVID-19 pandemic was broken out complicatedly and influences were caused by the drop in oil prices, PV GAS took initiatives in carrying out solutions for adapting to the dual impacts, preventive measures against the pandemic, continuous production and trades. With the same activities in the Corporation and its units, PV GAS prevented from arisen problems affecting production and trade. PV GAS currently continues to watch for and to maintain several methods to control the pandemic effectively.

In the upcoming time, besides maintaining safe operation of five gas distribution and transport systems of Cuu Long, Nam Con Son, PM3-Ca Mau, Nam Con Son 2 (the first phase) and Ham Rong-Thai Binh, PV GAS continues to develop projects to collect, transport, process, and distribute gas products throughout the country. PV GAS will continue strengthening and adding methods to control risks and dangers of unsafety effectively and comprehensively to ensure safety which is the first thing to do in all its activities.

In the conference, on behalf of PV GAS’ leaders, Hoang Van Quang, PV GAS’ Deputy General Director respected to acquire the directions of ministries, relevant agencies, and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group’s leaders and opinions of distinguished guests and delegates. After the conference, PV GAS will make a plan and assign responsibilities to carry out the suggestions effectively.

In the conference, five groups and 10 individuals were awarded certificates of merit for outstanding achievements in safety-health-environment tasks in 2019 by PV GAS’ General Director.  

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