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PV GAS to strengthen COVID-19 prevention and control at its tower

Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) has carried out many preventive activities to respond to COVID-19 pandemic in an emergency to prevent from risks caused by the pandemic, which could affect its staff and all activities at PV GAS Tower. 

PV GAS has co-operated with the Management Board of the Tower to carry out many programmes and to maintain compliance with the PV GAS’s regulations about COVID-19 prevention and control after Lunar Tết holidays. 

Since the mid of March, Việt Nam has seen the increase of COVID-19 incidences. PV GAS has announced its all customers and partners who have visited the PV GAS Tower to carry out intensively preventive measures against COVID-19 epidemic. 

At the PV GAS Tower, staff have carried out intensively preventive measures and been ready for scenarios of the epidemic breaking out widely. They, for instance, have limited meetings with their customers and partners. They have worked from home and had online meetings. Instruction on COVID-19 prevention and control has been broadcasted on elevator LCD display screens continuously. Posters on calling on PV GAS’s staff to carry out preventive measures have been put at all stories in the PV GAS Tower. 

On March 19 in 2020, PV GAS’s staff declared their health for the third time. The PV GAS Towel’s unnecessary doors have been closed. Its lobby is the only entryway for all people to get into and out of the towel to control and prevent the epidemic. 

The Steering Board of COVID-19 Prevention and Control and the Board of Safety-Health- Environment of PV GAS have set up a secure corridor for Việt Nam Gas Dispatching Centre and a safe working area for PV GAS’s director board. Its staff have been encouraged not to concentrate in one area in the PV GAS Tower. Hand sanitizers have been put in many areas in the tower. In the tower’s kitchen, every staff is required to wash their hands before and after meals. PV GAS’s staff have been divided into many small groups in the kitchen to have meals. 

PV GAS has strengthened disinfection in many areas in the tower twice a week and especially lobby and elevators every day.

The PV GAS’s the Steering Board of COVID-19 Prevention and Control and the tower’s Management Board have kept close watch of information about the pandemic and carried out proper preventive measures. The prevention of the epidemic is considered PV GAS’s important action to ensure security-safety and carry out the plan of production and trades in 2020. 

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