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PV GAS’ President & CEO at 12th National Conference on Catalysis and Adsorption

From May 23rd to 25th, 2024, the Vietnam Association of Catalysis and Adsorption, in coordination with PetroVietNam University, held the 12th National Conference on Catalysis and Adsorption. With the theme "Catalysis and Adsorption Facing the Challenges of Energy Transition," the conference welcomed nearly 200 delegates, including 16 Professors, 41 Associate Professors, 52 Doctors, and 29 postgraduates from 41 universities, 11 research institutes, and 13 enterprises nationwide. Particularly, there were 13 delegates from 9 leading universities and research institutes from Taiwan, Australia, and South Korea.

Catalysis and adsorption are two essential processes in chemistry and material technology, with many applications in industry, environment, and scientific research. The current responsibility of the catalysis and adsorption scientific community is to focus on environmentally friendly products, develop new materials, improve existing industrial production processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance economic efficiency. At the same time, they are to seek solutions to minimize the impact of climate change due to the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, all aiming for sustainable development.


Delegates Participating in the 12th National Conference on Catalysis and Adsorption

This conference featured 16 in-depth research reports and 29 poster presentations from over 30 groups, both within the country and overseas. They addressed global trends in the broad field of catalysis and adsorption that Vietnam could develop, particularly on carbon neutrality and CO2 emission reduction, oil processing quality improvement, new energy introduction, and environmental protection. Many have announced new results with high applicability, suitable for the current green revolution trend.


Dr. Pham Van Phong, President & CEO of PV GAS, Presented Keynote


Dr. Pham Van Phong, President & CEO of Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS), presented a keynote titled "PV GAS' Green Energy Journey," highlighting the issues and solutions that PV GAS had actively implemented to participate in energy transition, reduce CO2 emissions, and collaborate with the Government and Petrovietnam in sustainable development and environmental protection goals. 

In recent years, PV GAS had actively and diligently pursued the green energy transition journey through impressive activities and events, such as becoming the first and only enterprise to trade LNG in Vietnam and completing the operation of the 1 MMTPA Thi Vai LNG Terminal. As of May 2024, PV GAS had successfully imported four LNG shipments, mainly to serve power plants during the dry season peak from April to mid-May 2024, contributing to ensuring national energy security. 

In the future, PV GAS would aim to develop and trade new products such as LNG through hubs, gas processing products supplying raw materials for oil refineries, and greener energy products like hydrogen and ammonia, as well as carbon capture and storage (CCS) from emission sources to meet Vietnam's energy transition orientation and contributing to net zero target as committed by the Prime Minister at COP26. 


Visiting Thi Vai LNG Terminal


During the conference, delegates also visited the production equipment system of the Long Son Petrochemical Complex (with a total investment of USD 5.4 billion, undergoing commissioning and scheduled for commercial operation in 2024), as well as PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company and Thi Vai LNG Terminal. Scientists of the Vietnam Association of Catalysis and Adsorption assessed this not only as the first LNG infrastructure in Vietnam but also as a typical example of realizing the national energy industry's transition.

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