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PV GAS actively prepares the 2023 Mass Art Performance Festival to welcome the all-level Trade Union Congresses

As a part of the activities organization plan to welcome all-level trade union congresses and the Corporation’s 4th Trade Union Congress in the 2023 – 2028 tenure, the Trade Union of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation has planned to hold the PV GAS Mass Art Performance Festival in 2023.

The 2023 PV GAS Mass Art Performance Festival will contribute to creating a joyful and exciting emulation atmosphere at work and in production, gaining achievements to successfully celebrate the all-level Trade Union Congresses and the 4th Trade Union Congress at the Corporation in the 2023 – 2028 tenure.

Participants in the Festival are all employees who have signed labor contracts with a definite term and those who are working at grassroots trade unions under the Corporation's Trade Union. The Organizer requires each unit or inter-unit to send 01 mass art troupe to participate in the Festival with 03 performances (encouraging units with sufficient human resource to take part in 04 performances). For units with few employees, they can co-operate together to set up a joint group to take part in the Festival.

The festival, which is expected to be organized by the end of May 2023, will be a quality art show with a full range of performances: Singing (Single, duet, trio, choir,...); Dancing (Single, double, group dance, modern dance,...); Drama (Mime, play,...); Musical performance (Instrumental solo, ensemble, recitation,...);...

Performances focus on the following content of: Praising the motherland, the Party and Uncle Ho; the maturity of the working class and the Vietnamese Trade Union; love; the historical tradition of the Oil and Gas Industry, the enthusiasm and creativity of the Corporation’s staff...

The PV GAS Trade Union’s Standing Committee has requested the grassroots Trade Union to report to the Party Committees and professional leaders to get interest, to create all conditions in terms of time and funds for their staff to practice and join the Festival successfully; promoting the solidarity spirit, exchanging and learning among units; and ensuring practical savings and efficiency.

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