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Many enterprises operate CNG-powered vehicles

Apart from bus enterprises switching from petrol, oil vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses for environmental protection and cost savings as reported by Saigon Liberation Newspaper, interesting news has come. That is many enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, with nothing to do with transportation business but still actively switch to using CNG-powered vehicles.

Typically, about 600 vehicles of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) operating in the area of Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province have switched to CNG fuel. Mr. Doan Van Nhuom, PV Gas South’s General Director – an affiliate of PV Gas tasked to perform the conversion and supply of CNG to the Group’s affiliates said: “The switch to CNG for vehicles is essential as CNG price is cheaper by 30% -50% as compared with petrol price. But, that's just one side of the matter. More importantly, this is a highly social decision of PVN. PVN wants to do a concrete task for environmental protection.

After PVN, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation said, many other enterprises also wish to convert their vehicles from petrol use to CNG use for environmental protection and cost savings. The remaining issue now is the system that conveniently supplies CNG to vehicles. If the CNG supply system is widespread as that of petrol supply system at present, the number of enterprises and users switching to CNG use will be much more.

In fact, CNG’s potentiality in transportation and industry in Vietnam remains enormous.The tendency to use economical, eco-friendly fuel in Vietnam will certainly increase rapidly in the near future. Previously, gas transportation can only be implemented via pipelines, but for 2 recent years with technology development, CNG can be transported by specialized vehicles like tank trucks. This innovation has paid the way for use of CNG as petrol, oil substitute much more quickly and conveniently than before.
By Saigon Liberation Newspaper

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