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Ao dai exalts PV GAS beauty in a week to celebrate March 8

On the 111th anniversary of International Women's Day (March 8, 2010 - March 8, 2021), Vietnam Women's Union launched the "Ao Dai Week" 2021 nationwide. Accordingly, from March 1- 8, 2021, female civil servants, public employees and women at all ages responded to the Week by wearing ao dai when going to work, school, events and doing activities suitable to the situation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control in order to spread ao dai beauty and Vietnamese women’s image. Responding to the call of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group Trade Union, PV GAS Trade Union also launched Ao Dai Week with many suitable and cheerful honouring activities.


PV GAS Trade Union deployed to each affiliated trade union, calling for launching and encouraging female officers and workers to wear ao dai when attending their traditional activities, major holidays, other events, and community activities. They also were encouraged  to wear ao dai during working days in accordance with professional conditions and characteristics to ensure labor convenience and safety. Especially, all PV GAS female workers weared ao dai on March 8, 2021 to spread the ao dai beauty at their workplace and residential area (if conditions permit).



PV GAS women also shared good and creative ways to preserve the ao dai - the country’s traditional and quintessential culture; and took photos as souvenir. Traditional activities to celebrate March 8 were held at small scale according to the anti-epidemic regulations. These things promoted ao dai and asserted Vietnam's sovereignty over ao dai ...


Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, PV GAS Trade Union did not organize activities to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 and the Hai Ba Trung Uprising at the Corporation scale. However, the Units’ Leaders still facilitated/supported the Trade Union/Women's Affairs Committee to organize practical activities of female employees in accordance with their conditions and circumstances. On the happy day of March 8, PV GAS Board of Directors and leaders of units presented gifts and encouraged the solidarity of their women.


On the occasion of March 8, hundreds of PV GAS women also joined the Humanitarian Blood Donation Festival launched by PVN; donated hundreds of ao dai to teachers in remote areas and those affected by floods and natural disasters. Ensuring labor productivity and striving to complete production and business plans from the first quarter of 2021, PV GAS female workforce still actively contributed to beautifying the office, honoring corporate culture, performing civic duties and actively carrying out social welfare programmes.

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