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Vietnam Gas Association’s Seminar: "Recommendations to Decree on Government’s Management in Gas Business"

Vietnam Gas Association (VGA) recently organized a seminar titled "Recommendations to Decree on Government’s Management in Gas Business " at the headquarter of PV GAS. The seminar was chaired by Mr. Tran Minh Loan - Vice Chairman of VGA, Mr. Trieu Quoc Tuan - Member of PV GAS’ Board of, and Mr. Vo Tri Thanh - Director of The Institute of Brand and Competitiveness Strategy Vietnam. In attendance at the seminar were representatives from the Domestic Markets Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and more than 50 member companies of the Association, as well as various press and media agencies.

Hosts of the seminar


Currently, gas products such as LPG, low-pressure gas, CNG, and LNG are gradually becoming essential energy sources in Vietnam's socio-economic development, and significantly contributing to ensuring national energy security. To ensure the stability and sustainability of the gas market in Vietnam, it is crucial to have the macro-level management and oversight of the state. By issuing appropriate policies and regulations, along with fair enforcement measures, gas business activities in Vietnam will be governed and oriented towards healthy and equal competition.

Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has reviewed and amended Decree No. 87/2018/NĐ-CP issued on June 15, 2018, regarding state management in gas business. The objective is to adjust the legal framework, aligning with the evolutions and changes in the domestic gas market.

Representative from the Ministry of Industry and Trade spoke at the seminar 


During the seminar, VGA members discussed issues related to state management in the supply of gas, penalties for violations in state management of LPG business, and the distribution chain to directly distribute LPG to consumers. Additionally, association members also provided suggestions on fire safety in LPG business.

Discussions were activey taking place


The seminar emphasized the role of the state in managing the gas supply, as well as of entrepreneurs engaged in gas exports and imports, in balancing the demand and supply to prevent local shortages or surpluses and speculative profiteering when prices rise. To realize this objective, it is crucial to focus on the supply management model and regulate businesses to possess sufficient infrastructure capabilities and distribution systems.

PV GAS’ representative made a speech at the Seminar


The delegates also shared insights on the LPG distribution to consumers in Japan and listened to proposals regarding the administration of LPG cylinders in Vietnam. After nearly 5 years since its issuance, reviewing and amending the gas business decree is absolutely necessary. This means any inconsistencies or regulations causing difficulties in gas business operations should be adjusted.

Mr. Tran Minh Loan, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Gas Association, concluded the seminar.


After this seminar, VGA will prepare an official report to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and relevant authorities regarding the feedback received for amending the decree on state management in the gas business. 

Congratulations on the successful seminar organized by Vietnam Gas Association.
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