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Towards Inauguration of Vietnam's Very First and Largest LNG Terminal

In October 2023, Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) will inaugurate and put Thi Vai LNG Terminal into operation. This is Vietnam's first and largest LNG complex, with an average throughput capacity of 1 million tons per annum (MTPA), and a maximum one of up to 1.5 MTPA in phase 1.


Completing the construction of Thi Vai LNG Terminal


Samsung C&T and PTSC formed a consortium as the EPC contractor of Thi Vai LNG Terminal. Most of the materials and equipment used in the construction were imported from leading countries in the LNG industry. Therefore, the terminal has become the most modern LNG facility in Vietnam, helping PV GAS meet the energy needs for national socio-economic development. To be more specific, it will be partly compensating for the declining domestic production, and addressing challenges faced in exploring alternative and cleaner sources.

A point worth noticing is that PV GAS and its contractors had always ensured absolute safety since the commencement of construction. This achievement was the result of a synchronized and cohesive process between parties, guided by PV GAS' corporate culture, where safety is a core value, even in the face of numerous challenges, not to mention the Covid-19 pandemic. Ultimately, after nearly 4 years of construction, PV GAS' first LNG Terminal was completed. On July 30, 2023, it underwent a successful commissioning.

The heart of the complex is a LNG storage tank with a capacity of 180,000m3 in Phase 1, reaching an average throughput of 1 million tons of LNG per year, with an increase to 3 million in Phase 2. It is able to withstand the extremely low temperature of LNG (-162°C). The tank, over 50 meters high, is of the full-containment type, consisting of a prestressed concrete outer layer and a 9% Nickel steel inner layer, with an outer diameter of over 82 meters. 

Pipeline system at the terminal


Thi Vai – Phu My pipeline, measuring 26 inches in diameter and 5.9 km in length, has been connected to Nam Con Son 2 Pipeline – Phase 2 since the end of 2021. It will distribute re-gas LNG at high pressure (over 50 barg) from the terminal to consumers.

Meanwhile, Thi Vai Low-pressure Gas Distribution Station will provide low-pressure (25 barg) re-gas LNG to customers in industrial zones such as Cai Mep Industrial Zone, Phu My 3 Industrial Zone, and nearby areas.

Thi Vai LNG Terminal is suited for accommodating ultra-heavyweight LNG vessels


Additionally, a LNG truck loading station at Thi Vai is ready to distribute LNG to low-pressure customers (such as Gas City and CNG Vietnam) and others via distribution lorries.

To ensure the safe and efficient operation of Thi Vai LNG Terminal, the entire process of cargo unloading, LNG pumping, re-gasification, and transportation to customers is monitored and controlled at the Operations Center. 

Thi Vai LNG Terminal has been confirmed to meet all domestic and international standards and regulations, as well as safety and maritime operational requirements. It has been highly praised for its feasibility, and seamless integration between operational phases. Thi Vai LNG Terminal will supplement LNG for consumers in the Southeast region and partially compensate for the domestic shortage from 2023, help the company align with the "National Energy Master Plan for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision toward 2050" approved by the Prime Minister under Decision No. 893/QD-TTg on July 26, 2023.

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