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NCSP Completes Turnaround of NCS1 Distribution and Processing System for O&M

To ensure the safety and reliability of Nam Con Son 1 distribution and processing system, a turnaround for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) (Mini-TAR) is conducted every two years. In 2023, this event was successfully completed at the end of September.

The plan for Mini-TAR at NCS1 in 2023 was mutually agreed upon by PV GAS Nam Con Son Pipeline Company (NCSP) and all partners in the pipeline supply chain. It was scheduled to coincide with the outside platform maintenance and the period of the lowest demand in the year. The anticipated turnaround was 2 days, from September 23rd to September 24th.


The O&M on the control room of NCS1 Processing Plant 


Starting from March 2023, preparations for Mini-TAR 2023 had been underway, encompassing comprehensive planning, optimization of all related activities, personnel mobilization, procurement of materials, approval of relevant documents and procedures, and coordination with relevant units to ensure security and safety during the implementation process. Mini-TAR 2023 consisted of 20 packages with 46 tasks. Engineers and technicians from NCSP, along with experts from the contractor, carried out the inspection of equipment systems, pipelines, and performed repairs to rectify any equipment or technology-related issues arising.


Mini-TAR 2023 still ensured the Safety - Health - Environment goals 


Mini-TAR 2023 was accomplished in 16 hours and 15 minutes, surpassing the original schedule by 1.3 days and being nearly 8 hours ahead of the optimized turnaround. From 16:30 on September 23, 2023, NCS1 pipeline was ready to resume supply to customers. With the goal of "No accidents and No harm to people and the environment," during the entire Mini-TAR 2023, NCSP excellently achieved safety targets.

Besides the determination of NCSP, it was also the deep concern and timely guidance of the leadership of PV GAS and support from its divisions and units, as well as the seamless coordination within the pipeline supply chain and the local government authorities. The resounding success of Mini-TAR 2023 was a practical achievement of NCSP, marking a significant celebration of PV GAS’ 33rd anniversary.

Mini-TAR 2023 for NCS1 System was completed ahead of schedule by 1.3 days and almost 8 hours earlier than the optimized plan.
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