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Welcome Tet on gas facilities

Tet is the occasion to spend time with family and welcome the peaceful and cheerful days of the New Year. However, not everyone truly has days off. For employees “on duty” in the operation system of PV Gas gas facilities, ensuring safe and uninterrupted gas flow and gas products quality are the top priorities. Thus, a lot of PV Gas leaders and employees still maintained their routine tasks on duty during Tet holidays. The New Year also brought them distinctive funs.

At Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant, work days still progressed as usual. All routine activities, implementation of gas facilities safety and security protection, Safety Training Observation Program – control of operation processes, etc. were conducted by PV Gas Vung Tau Processing Company with caution, precision, and no mistakes, in compliance with general requirements of PetroVietnam Gas Corporation. As usual, before Tet holidays, the Company always prepared the control and production watch schedules for the holidays. The operation watch schedule (12 hours/shift/day) was on the principle that the 4 holidays: 30th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days would be equally divided between the 4 shifts, so that all employees could enjoy Tet with their families, taking turns to be on duty on New Year’s Eve and the 1st day of New Year.                       
Welcoming the first days of New Year, the administrative department of the company made full preparations, from decoration of flags, banners, flowers, etc. to traditional Tet dishes such as: sticky rice cake (Chưng cake), pickled small leeks, pickled onions, sausage, fruits, gifts, etc. This warm atmosphere can be considered as sincere wishes to employees to help them really enjoy Tet while on duty.
Also as usual, on New Year’s Eve and the 1st day of Tet, the unit leaders and the Trade Union visited, gave Tet wishes, and welcomed the New Year together with employees on duty at the Plant. With the key position of the country’s gas industry, almost on every Tet, the Plant welcomes delegations of State leaders, central ministries and agencies, the Oil and Gas industry, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Union, etc. travelling the long distance to visit and wish a Happy Lunar New Year to the Plant employees.
Mr. Hoang Nghia Tu – one of the Plant operators shared his feelings for welcoming the New Year’s Eve at work: “When learning that I must be on duty during the New Year’s Eve according to this year’s watch schedule, I have already prepared everything necessary for my family such as: Tet flowers, cleaning our house, even the food offering for ancestors worship. For me, my parents, my wife, my children and I have already spent time together talking about the old year, giving some advice, best wishes to each other, and discussing about our family’s plans in the New Year, I feel completely comfortable when starting my watch.” Mr. Tu also shared more about his feelings of the warm, exciting and happy atmosphere on the New Year’s Eve at his Plant because other colleagues of his were also there to welcome the New Year together and the unit leaders visited and gave cheerful wishes. The joy was even more when he and his colleagues were well aware of their responsibility: being on duty to ensure safe operation of “their second home” and its energy supply to light all homes during Tet and throughout the whole year.                            
At PV Gas Ca Mau Company, it also prepared the plan of operation watch, the plan of “emergency responding control watch” in the 9 Tet holidays, and implementation in strict compliance with the emergency responding process with the presence of all divisions involved including: leadership, administration – logistics, mechanics – pipelines, electricity – controlling, operation command, security and safety – fire prevention and fighting, drivers, etc.
As a unit with most of its employees away from their hometowns, PV Gas Ca Mau Company is always aware of the role of solidarity and support for all employees to seek mutual love in their new homeland. On every Lunar New Year, the Company often makes full preparations for employees on operation duty during Tet such as decorating the office and places on watch, preparing Tet foods as sticky rice with chicken, sticky rice cakes, flowers and fruits, candies, etc. In addition, many other compliments and community activities have been cleverly organized to keep their mind at ease and partly appease their homesickness and missing of relatives. At the remote gas stations of U Minh forest, in spite of their boundless homesickness of family atmosphere during Tet holidays, employees have shared the atmosphere of welcoming the New Year together and sung the Tet songs to encourage mutual spirits, to relieve their homesickness, and fulfill their tasks assigned with trust by the company leaders and everybody.                        
To practically encourage employees’ morale, the Company leadership visited three stations including the Gas Distribution Center on New Year’s Eve, the landfall station on the 1st day of Lunar New Year, and the line block valve station to wish them Happy New Year and give them some lucky money for Tet. Particularly, on New Year’s Eve, at the Public Hall of Ca Mau gas – power – fertilizer Complex, PV Gas Ca Mau Company has held the event of cooking the sticky rice cakes for employees unable to return to their hometowns to gather and enjoy the cosy and friendly atmosphere. On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of Tet, the Company leaders visited to give Tet wishes to all employees at the Public Hall and around Ca Mau city. PV Gas Ca Mau Company also receives the attention of the whole country; therefore, delegations of leaders from far away always bring it a lot of surprising pleasure.
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuong, Head of GDC operation shift, one of the employees on operation duty during Tet of this year, said: “I feel really homesick and very much wish to go back to my hometown to spend Tet holidays with my family. I clearly understand the sadness of being away from home on the Tet. My parents just have my sister and me, so my absence will make them sad. However, the feeling of being on duty to ensure everybody to enjoy happy Tet holidays is also emotional. My contribution is just a small part among many other things contributed by my co-workers, teammates of other units and sectors who are tirelessly trying and forgetting themselves to help people enjoy happy Tet holidays. With beloved co-workers of PV Gas Ca Mau Company, I feel that I am still very lucky, and I will try to well complete my assigned tasks. This year, I will make arrangements to visit my family after Tet.”                        
At all other gas facilities with 24/7 operation such as Vung Tau, Nam Con Son – Dinh Co gas processing center, Dung Quat, Hai Phong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, etc., the atmosphere for the Spring of the country is also bustling and exciting. The Spring of work had not only quiet sacrifices and but also unforgettable sweet happiness.

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