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PV GAS to boost security, safety and fire protection activities during the dry season and Lunar New Year of 2013

According to statistics and general warning, during year-end months, the dry season, Lunar New Year days are usually high time for fires, labor accidents due to electric shorts, negligence, failure to abide by regulations on fire protection …. resulting in unanticipated damage to human and property. To prevent, minimize accident risks, ensure security and safety in operations of PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) and maintain some key tasks in fire protection, rescure, salvage as directed by the Prime Minister, Ba Ria – Vung Tau People Committee and PetroVietnam on boosting fire protection activities during the dry season and Lunar New Year of 2013, PV Gas has promptly asked its member companies to implement these activities, especially to prevent damages to human and property.

All units on gas facilities throughout the country keep tight control of technical, management, operation, maintenance-servicing measures, security, safety, fire protection for gas facilities, business establishments, LPG and CNG transport means under their management to ensure non-stop, safe and effective production and supply of dry gas, LPG, CNG and Condensate during Tet. PV GAS has requested overall inspection of security control, fire safety protection for all construction, operation, maintenance service activities, vessels, tankers, LPG and CNG transport means..., paying special attention to power systems, electric equipment, electric emergency switchboards, equipment with strict requirements on work safety; maintaining fire alarm and automatic fire-fighting systems, fire protection and emergency response equipment in sufficient quantity and good working conditions.                            
PV GAS has asked all units to maintain the mode of emergency response supervision, ensuring uninterrupted communication; assigning officials and leaders on duty during Tet holidays and sending their watch duty schedules directly to PV Gas before Tet. The Health – Safety – Environment Board in combination with relevant units carry out extraordinary inspection of compliance with labor rules of employees, requesting officials to closely monitor the implementation of regulations on fire safety protection, especially during Tet holidays at Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant, PV GAS Vung Tau Terminal, gas distribution stations, valve stations, LPG storages, LPG bottling stations, stock & equipment warehouses, sites under construction… The coordination with the police, border guards, and authorities of places where the gas facilities and business establishments of PV Gas are located must be strengthened to implement the plans of safety, security, fire protection, boosting patrol and protection of gas pipelines, gas facilities, offices, promptly detecting and preventing any risk of security, safety and fire.
At the beginning of the dry season, PV GAS affiliates have coordinated with local authorities in causing households, landowners on and near gas pipelines, gas facilities to sign commitments on fire protection, clearing grass, garbage and flammable sources posing risks of security and safety on the pipeline corridor, around the gas facilities. PV GAS has also required offices to inspect, evaluate power supply systems, electric equipment, and neatly arrange archives and documents at their offices; replace, repair any equipment failing on electrical safety, fire protection and safety; not to store flammable materials such as records, documents, plastics near power consumption devices; electric equipment turned off and disconnected from mains when unattended; to ensure initial fire-fighting equipment to be available and working well.                               

All PV GAS personnel thoroughly and strictly abide by State, Government regulations on firecrackers production, sales, storage, use, and ban of firecrackers and hot-air lanterns.

Reportedly, in 2012, PV Gas has safely, continuously operated gas systems throughout the country, providing more than 9.1 billion m3 of dry gas representing 103.8% of the year plan; fulfilling and exceeding production plans for other gas products: LPG reached over 266,704 tons, or 125% of the year plan; Condensate over 60,346 tons, equal to 120% of the year plan. The safety control in operation and maintenance service also fulfilled the plan, ensuring safety, quality and schedule. Total safe work hours of PV Gas in 2012 were 6 million hours.

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