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PV GAS Youth Union organizes a PV GAS Child Warriors’ Dance to Defeat Covid-19 competition

PV GAS Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is organizing a dance sport competition entitled “PV GAS Child Warriors’ Dance to Defeat Covid-19” as a part of its children care programme in this year to create a chance to improve health for the latter in summer. The competition also aims to make children joyful and healthy. Through it, PV GAS youth expects Covid-19 pandemic to be contained. The competition is regarded as a “beautiful flower bouquet” of PV GAS youth sent to celebrate the anniversary of PV GAS establishment and the Oil and Gas Industry’s 2021 Culture Week.

The competition is organized for children aged 16 and below of employees at PV GAS boards, the office, centres, and member units/affiliates. It started on July 28, lasting until August 28. Joining the competition, children dance to the song entitiled “PV GAS warriors to defeat Covid-19”- the special song composed for the competition and then disseminated to the whole PV GAS to praise Covid-19 prevention and control, ensuring production and business.   

PV GAS Youth Union has trained online children joining the competition via Zoom from 4.30pm to 5.30 pm on Monday to Friday and 10am-11am on Saturday to Sunday. Candidates have been trained many methods for team coordination by the competition’s coaches.

Their parents will record clips when they practise and perform a perfect dance. The clip will be sent to the competition from August 20-28. Becaus each employee chooses only one of their children’s best clips to send to the competition, so in fact, the competition also witnesses the creativities in their family’s performances, promising to have many breakthroughs in the costumes, the decoration, the coordination between their members, the ability to make the clip, and the joy that the whole family spreads to the competition as well.

Before the competition starts, PV GAS Youth Union has instructed its members to announce the competition widely for their all employees and to encourage children to join enthusiastically. “PV GAS Child Warriors’ Dance to Defeat Covid-19” has brought happy and joyful summer for PV GAS children since July 28. 

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