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PV GAS rewards outstanding initiatives in 2020

In PV GAS- the leading unit of initiatives at Petrovietnam, the creative labor emulation movement is a lever to develop production and business. The applied initiatives and innovations have not only brought beneficial values, saved the great costs, and also increased labor productivity and management efficiency, improved product quality and working environment. The movement also has extended the service life of equipment and machinery, ensuring safety for all aspects of PV GAS operations. Moreover, it has helped PV GAS employees master technology and equipment, improve skills, and accumulate experiences to develop their capacity.  

In 2020, PV GAS had totally 115 solutions from its member units/affiliates recognized as the unit-level initiatives with the beneficial values worth VND1.025 trillion, including 28 ones selected as the Corporation-level initiatives.   

All unit-level recognised initiatives have been rewarded with many different awards. With the capital from PV GAS Welfare Fund, the 82 unit-level initiatives have been awarded the prizes of A, B and C worth VND10.7 million and VND4 million each respectively.      

To recognise the 28 outstanding initiatives’ huge contribution in increasing efficiency in real production and business, PV GAS has issued a decision to recognize and reward 28 the Corporation-level initiatives in 2020. The prizes’ total value for the initiatives is nearly VND1.2 billion from the Science and Technology Development Fund. Specifically, PV GAS has awarded the especial, first, and second prizes worth VND100 million, VND50 million and VND30 million each respectively.

PV GAS has selected initiatives basing on the set of criteria in its Regulation on Science and Technology (including the ones to be required to have to be new,  applied at scale level, to have beneficial values, impact on security and safety in production and business…).  

To facilitate the registration (directly from the employees at the units), the assessment, approval and recognition of initiatives from the units and the Corporation, and to create a database for innovation, PV GAS has set up and applied a software for the registration of initiatives since 2018 and upgraded it to become the initiative management software in 2020. This thing has positively changed activities relating to initiatives throughout the Corporation.

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