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PV Gas with movement of building and implementation of Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is an intangible asset, playing a very important role in each enterprise’s assets. Stimultaneously, the enterprise can create and increase its prestige on the market through building and developing a strong culture.

On May 20, 2008, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group issued Decision No. 1093/QD- DKVN on "PetroVietnam Corporate Culture" and Directive No. 1094/CT-DKVN of PVN’s President and CEO on the implementation of "PetroVietnam Corporate Culture". In responding to PVN’s common movement, PV Gas has expressed its determination in building and implementing PetroVietnam Culture at PV Gas. During over 4 years of building and implementation, under the close guidance and orientation of the Party Committee, Trade Union and Authorities, PetroVietnam corporate culture has been applied in practice, study and training, material and spiritual life of each employee of the Corporation, forming its own corporate culture of PetroVietnam Gas.                                     

PV Gas corporate culture has step by step come into working life of employees through suitable implementation methods such as: regulations on clothing and working behaviors, performance of internal work rules, regulations on reception of guests, partners, meeting culture, along with internal code of conduct, culture in telephone communication, behaviour culture with colleagues, which has set the foundation for the cultural, civilized and polite behaviours, especially business behaviors when meeting partners, customers, agencies and local authorities. Accordingly, it helps create good images and friendly looks from outside.
In addition, studying and mastering of corporate culture have also been seriously performed in diversified forms such as: launching pilot emulation movements by some practical contents, organizing many training classes for the employees on corporate culture, organizing workshops and talks on cultural working behaviors. These classes have been organized by the authorities, the Trade Union, the Youth Union in order to raise awareness of PV Gas employees, remarkably contributing to building of PV Gas corporate culture.br /> In all activities, the authorities have always coordinated closely with the Trade Union, the Youth Union, the Domestic Arts Board, influential and trustworthy organs to employees to achieve highest participant number and spreading level. This close coordination has made members of PV Gas closer and more attached to each other, helping PV Gas become an united block with high consensus in all works.

Those are some main activities aiming at inside of the enterprise, to people who day and night have contributed to PV Gas growth and prosper. In addition, PV Gas has also promoted its images to the outside, to business partners and other agents, in particular, promoting the development of the brand, corporate culture in parallel with the brand. These two activities support and supplement to each other. An enterprise can not create a good community image if it has no highly evaluated looks about it own. And in return, it is employees in the enterprise to greatly contribute and develop the brand. Brand development has started from advertisements, marketing, propagandas on the media and sponsorship activities for sports and community social works.                                      
Corporate Culture tasks have been deployed in close coordination with the Party, the Trade Union, the Youth Union organizations to launch meaningful activity programs such as: gratitude programs, visits to families of martyrs and wounded soldiers, families with meritorious services to the revolution; participating in charity activities, elderly care activities, establishing study incentive funds ... These tasks have contributed to building of a PV Gas image full of humanity features.
PV Gas Corporate culture has contributed to a significant change in awareness and action among officers, union members of the Corporation in the sustainable development of the Group and the Corporation; contributing to building of PV Gas members featured with pioneering, creative and innovative spirit; thinking differently, being a man of action, daring to bear responsibility, PV Gas employees enthusiastic, loving their industry and career, having industrial working behaviors and unified in a comradeship, colleagueship, compassionate and responsible for the community; contributing to building of PV Gas as a reputable brand and good image in the society and community, creating competitive advantages of PV Gas inside and outside the country.
PV Gas has set orientations on specific development of Corporate Culture for the coming time. Firstly, PV Gas keeps well implementing tasks of dissemination and mastering of the Party’s policies on culture nuture and development; Directives, Decisions and Resolutions of PetroVietnam Oil and Gas Group on issuance and implementation of "PetroVietnam Corporate Culture"; determining the tasks of building and implementing PV Gas Corporate Culture in line with PetroVietnam Corporate Culture under direct leadership of every Party committee level, management and administration of the authorities in coordination with the role of party organizations and the trade union.                                        
Details of the deployment are well taken care of in all aspects and all fields such as: strengthening periodic training on corporate culture; organizing family activities for each unit, each small group and up to the Corporation level; building PV Gas image as one of leaders in Vietnam's gas industry, with orientation to the regional level, an enterprise caring about environment, about protecting and preserving nature, a leader in cultural and sports activities, creating an image of an enterprise always concerned about community’s benefits; hiring professional consultants for support; promoting the important role of party organizations; preparing and persistently apply sanctions ....
PV Gas always believes that through the process of building and implementation of its Corporate Culture, PV Gas will strengthen and build up a cultural environment of unity and teamwork, creating unity and synergy for development of the Corporation, closely attached to rights and obligations of the enterprise, affirming PV Gas brand in PetroVietnam great family.

Extracted from speech of the Executive Board of PV Gas Trade Union at the Trade Union Congress of PV Gas - Tenure 2 (2012 - 2017)

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