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PV Gas Trading handovers compassion houses

With the consent of PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation, implementing the instructions of PetroVietnam Gas Trading’s Party Cell and the action plan of the Executive Board of Youth Union Branch at grassroots level, PV GAS Trading has built the Compassion House for Ms. Tran Thi Mai’s family at Tan Phuoc Commune, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.

Ms. Mai’s family is one of the especially poor families. Both she and her husband are hard-working: her husband works for a stone processing company while she raises animals at home. However, the poverty still plagues their family. They do not only struggle for daily meals but also live in a dilapidated house with no hope for a decent one. In order to validate her poverty and further strengthen relationship with people at Tan Phuoc Commune, Tan Thanh District, PV GAS Trading has sent a delegation on a field survey. Mr. Tran Thanh Tung, Youth Union Branch Secretary of PV GAS Trading was moved to recount: “Although we have known about her in advance, we did not expect to see Ms. Mai family in such extreme poverty. Her “house” is total disrepair, in danger of collapse at any time, especially during the rainy and stormy season. This is really a dilapidated hut for 3 people with earthen walls and palm-thatched roof, etc. When it rains, the inside of house looks like a large puddle. To share with Ms. Mai family’s misery, PV GAS Trading employees have determined to offer her family a practical gift.”                                      
On the basis of 25 million VND contributed by PV Gas Youth Union from the program “Together Building Home”, PV GAS Trading’s Party Cell held a movement to raise funds from the Company’s employees and called upon PetroVietnam Gas Vungtau Processing Company (PV GAS VT) to support. Besides, PV GAS Trading also cooperated with Tan Phuoc Commune People’s Committee to call on residents’ contribution to the dream house. 58 million VND was raised from such hearts and helped bring Ms. Mai family a new home after a few months of construction.                                    
 On June 12, 2013, the Executive Board of Youth Union Branch at grassroots level of PV GAS Trading, representing PV Gas Youth Union, along with Thi Vai Terminal Youth Union, representing Thi Vai Port Terminal leaders co-ordinated with Tan Phuoc Commune People’s Committee in inauguration and handover of the Compassion House to Ms. Tran Thi Mai’s family. The new house has an area of 50 m2 consisting of 1 living room, 1 bedroom, brick walls, and corrugated steel sheet roof. The subordinate works include a kitchen and a toilet. The house borders on her family’s remaining land in the East, adjacent to neighbors’ land in the West and the North, and to the road in the South. The house was built on hill ground with high resistance to wind and storm.
Hence, Ms. Mai family’s dream has come true thanks to warm hearts with compassionate love. Tan Phuoc Commune People’s Committee and her family expressed their deep thanks to PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation, PV GAS Trading, and Thi Vai Port Terminal. Their gratitude will certainly be reflected through coordination activities to protect security – safety of national gas works, for the future of both the local region and the country.

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