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PV GAS responding to the “Month of Action Against Drug – June 2013”

Under the guidance of the Prime Minister on organizing activities in the “Month of Action Against Drug – June 2013”, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group requested all units and members to respond to the “Month of Action Against Drug”, “International Day Against Drug”, and “All-people Day Against Drug” by implementing activities under different forms of action in June 2013: propagandizing the national anti-drug objective in 2012 – 2015’s period; propagandizing the effects of synthetic drugs; holding meetings and show of force; integrating propagation with cultural activities, arts, sports, seminars, trainings, special talk shows…; signing to commit not to store, trade, transport or use drugs, minimizing the harmful effects of drug; setting the examples of good people, good actions of the movement …

Besides those activities responding to the Action Month, the Ministry and Group have also requested the prevention of AIDS, drugs and prostitution in the last 6 months of the year with positive measures: actively coordinating to prevent and fight against crime and social evils; propagandizing and disseminating information on a practical, efficient and regular basis; strengthening Steering Committee of member units; closely coordinating to inspect the import, export, use, circulation, precursors storage, or any abuse of drug production.                      
During June 2013, PV GAS seriously conducted practical activities to ensure the efficiency and cost saving for the Month of Action. The wholy owned units and members of PV GAS organized for 100% employees to sign the commitment not to store, trade, transport or use drugs. The headquarters, unit offices and gas construction units all have hanging banners and propaganda standee with the contents calling for self-protection against drug/ HIV – AIDS. The cooperation groups had held unscheduled inspection to detect any case of drug using or addicting. About 30% employees of PV GAS were gone under such the extraordinary inspection in June but no case of drug abuse was detected.

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