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PV GAS responds to "Ao Dai Week" and celebrates International Women's Day

The anniversary of International Women's Day on March 8 and the Hai Ba Trung Uprising this year continued to be limited in organisaion because Covid-19 pandemic has still affected the community. In the new working situation, continuing to strengthen taking care of life, and cheering for employees, including women, PV GAS Trade Union soon instructed its affiliated units to organize welcoming activities which were practical, meaningful, and adaptive to the conditions as well as circumstances of each unit.

Responding to "Ao Dai Week" on March 1-8, PV GAS Trade Union launched all female employees to wear Ao Dai during the working days, adaptive to the conditions and specific profession to spread and honor the beauty of the Vietnamese Ao Dai. This thing affirmed the value of the national Ao Dai in social life. Especially on March 8, all working facilities within PV GAS were brightly colored in Ao Dai; beautiful Ao Dai images were shared on internal information pages, cheering the standing forces that are working from home or treated for COVID-19 infection.

In addition, the Trade Union and the Women's Department at PV GAS also encouraged the organization of many other practical activities in March such as: Coordinating in organizing and launching the program on encouraging trade unions, their members and female employees to join the movement of planting trees in workplaces, factories, projects as well as the "Green office" program to create a Green - Clean - Beautiful working environment; Calling on the employees to send messages to support the "Accompanying border women" program which is carried out on the national humanitarian electronic portal from March 1 to June 1; organizing social welfare activities in line with the actual situation... Especially, all 18 trade unions under PV GAS held hybrid meetings to congratulate female employees and presented gifts to them as the encouragement, gratitude and solidarity. Some affiliated trade unions also organized online contests, met and discussed with the Board of Directors about common concerns, and visited female workers in difficult circumstances....

The activities were widely disseminated on the communication channels of the units such as: websites, fanpages, information publications, social networks; creating an exciting and joyful atmosphere, enhancing exchanges, connecting and promoting widely. Thereby, the joy of PV GAS contributed to honoring the beauty and role of women, spreading love for the Vietnamese Ao Dai, contributing to the preservation and promotion of the country’s traditional and cultural values.

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