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PV GAS receives flow of gas from Su Tu Trang oil field in Phase 2A

With the offtake output of more than 14 billion of cubic feet per year by 2025, the gas flow from Su Tu Trang (White Lion) oil field in Phase 2A, which has been received by PV GAS, makes important contribution to increasing the gas output for Cuu Long basin to supply to household customers in the Southeast region.

Su Tu Trang oil field which is one of four important discoveries in Cuu Long basin’s 15-1 Block is evaluated as one of the areas with the highest potential of oil and gas reserves in Vietnam’s continental shelf locating about 62km from the coast of Vung Tau with a water depth of 56m. 

The development plan of Su Tu Trang oil field in the Phase 2A approved on June 6 in 2019 has been carried out, drilling three more exploitation wells (including one for backing up), with the total capital expenditure of nearly US$138 million and the expected recovered reserves of 63 million condensate barrels and 193 billion cubic feet of gas by the end of September in 2025.

The first gas flow of the Phase 2A (ST-7P well) was exploited at 6pm on June 14, marking the event: the Su Tu Trang project’s the Phase 2A finished 16 days ahead of schedule.   

The whole amount of gas from Su Tu Trang in the Phase 2A was sold to PV GAS by Petrovietnam at the exploration drilling rig and transported through the Su Tu Vang-Rang Dong-Bach Ho pipeline, compressed at the Central Compression Platform (CCP) at Bach Ho Field before being transported through the Bach Ho- Dinh Co pipeline to mainland. The gas flow from Su Tu Trang field in the Phase 2A will make important contribution to increasing gas for Cuu Long basin to supply to household customers in the Southeast region in the context of Nam Con Son basin facing the drop of gas flows; adding gas supply to the Southeast region for long time.       

Putting the project into exploitation earlier than schedule and the better exploitation capacity than the expectation (ST-7P well is rapidly evaluated to be able to supply up nearly 50 million cubic feet of gas per day and around 6,500 condensate barrels per day) will make significant contribution in increasing the 15-1 Block’s exploitation output, bringing the large source of revenue for the State Budget and investors in the project. Pledging to buy commercial gas in the Phase 2A-Su Tu Trang field does not only help increase the capacity of gas supply if necessary but also creates a foundation for developing the project in next phase-2B.   

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