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PV GAS received first LNG cargo at THI VAI LNG terminal

At 10:00 AM, July 10, 2023, PV GAS has marked Vietnam’s very beginning in the green transition by receiving the LNG carrier, Maran Gas Achilles, tasked with transporting the first 70,000 tons of LNG, entering Cai Mep Port in Ba Ria-Vung Tau from Bontang, Indonesia.

Welcoming the vessel were: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Trieu Quoc Tuan and Mr. Truong Hong Son – Members of the BOD, Mr. Tran Nhat Huy – Vice President, along with general managers from PV GAS’ divisions and units. The delegation then boarded Maran Gas Achilles to directly express their great appreciation for the dedicated work spirit of all parties involved to successfully bring this special cargo from Shell into Thi Vai LNG Terminal.

To guarantee safe handling of the LNG vessel in strict compliance with maritime regulations, PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company (KVT) was assigned the lead role in operations. They closely coordinated with relevant parties to develop a plan for her securely entering and departing the port, approved by Vietnam Maritime Administration, confirming necessary conditions for the reception are in place.

Maran Gas Achilles arrived at Thi Vai LNG Terminal

As soon as Maran Gas Achilles approached buoy ‘0’ (located approximately 32 km from Thi Vai terminal), Senior Maritime Pilots, who had participated in LNG vessel simulator training, and Mooring Masters got on-board to coordinate with the Ship Master. During the navigation, a high-speed motorboat, operated by The Maritime Administration of Vung Tau (Vung Tau Seaport), was involved in channel clearing, and a highly maneuverable tugboat (Azimuth, 5,000 HP) was designated as an escort and security boundary from the buoy ‘0’ to the terminal. Additionally, four other Azimuth tugboats were nominated for mooring and berthing by towing, pushing the vessel to dock prudently. All these procedures followed a well-established process, developed in collaboration between KVT, pilots, mooring masters, and its maritime agent, as well as a risk assessment conducted for the navigation and reception of the LNG vessel.

Upon successful arrival at the port, LNG from Maran Gas Achilles was pumped into the LNG storage tank (full containment) with a capacity of 180,000 m3 through two unloading arms (DN500) and a pipeline system (DN900), within the Jetty circulation (DN80).

Thi Vai LNG Terminal was engineered with a maximum LNG unloading rate of 11,000 m3/h. The LNG storage tank has two inlet paths, each at the top and the bottom. Simultaneously with importing LNG from the vessel to the tank, low-pressure pumps would be continuously dispensing LNG out of the tank to let it be pressurized through high-pressure pumps and undergo re-gasification within the regas circulation. The re-gasified gas then would pass through the metering station and be sent out for use. A portion of the gas would be supplied to the low-pressure station to provide for customers in Phu My 3 Industrial Zone.

PV GAS in strict collaboration with relevant parties to successfully bring the first LNG cargo into Vietnam


LNG will be distributed via: pipeline (regasified LNG) or transportation and distribution fleets/LNG satellite stations (to customers located away from the pipeline system).

This significant event strongly proves the leading role of PV GAS in the materialization of LNG in Vietnam. For a stable LNG supply, PV GAS has been working and signed multiple agreements for spot LNG purchases with energy majors worldwide. LNG suppliers range from producers to portfolio players and trading houses, allowing PV GAS to be more flexible in selecting supply sources with most optimal commercial terms.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - PV GAS' Chairman of the Board of Directors, was present at the terminal to capture the historious moment of Vietnam's gas industry



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