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PV GAS: All for the first LNG cargo in Vietnam!

That Maran Gas Achilles successfully berthed at Thi Vai LNG terminal at 10:00AM on July 10, 2023 has truly marked an important turning point for Vietnam gas industry, in which PV GAS continues to play a pioneering role, towards green energy and sustainable development.

PV GAS itself cheered up for successfully bringing the first LNG shipment into Vietnam 

The success in introducing the first LNG vessel to Vietnam reflects a collaborative effort involving PV GAS and its units, project contractors, as well as relevant agencies: PV GAS Project Management Company (DAK), PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company (KVT), PV GAS LNG, the Consortium between Samsung C&T and PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) as the EPC contractor, The Maritime Administration of Vung Tau, Cai Mep Border Guard Station, waterway traffic police, Vung Tau Vessel Traffic System, and service providers including maritime agent, pilotage, tugboat, mooring service, etc. As a result, the entire process, from buoy zero to PV GAS’ LNG Jetty, was carried out with absolute safety.

DAK was in charge for project development, investment planning, and overall management of Thi Vai LNG project chain, of which the consortium of Samsung C&T and PTSC was the main contractor for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Chairman of PV GAS' BOD, expressed great appreciation to Mr. Tzirvelakis Nikolaos - Vessel Master. 

After the Confirmation Notice between PV GAS and Shell was concluded, PV GAS LNG acted as the “bridge” connecting all parties involved, including Seller, LNG Carrier, the maritime agent, PV GAS units, and relevant authorities. It took the responsibilities to select and work with vendors to conduct Due Diligence at the terminal, arrange preparations for legal procedures and documentation as well as collaborate with the maritime agent in customs clearance for the cargo.

The Maritime Administration of Vung Tau provided guidance and coordinated with state management agencies and involved parties to handle the vessel at the berthing area and organize routes from shore to port and vice versa, ensuring safety and compliance with the required safety standards.

PV GAS' delegates got on board to meet Maran Gas Achilles's crew. 

KVT was tasked with monitoring the vessel reception, which included: providing technical assistance and support personnels (Mooring and loading masters, Tugboats, etc), reviewing and implementing maritime safety measures and allocating operational staff at the jetty and 02 tugboats as mooring boats and safety security monitors in the terminal’s upstream and downstream.

In addition, the vessel handling process also involved the participation of relevant agencies such as the Cai Mep Border Guard Station, waterway traffic police and Vung Tau Vessel Traffic System as well as supporting service providers, altogether to guide the ship from Buoy 0 into the port and handle the cargo with on-site safety measures.

PV GAS acknowledged with thanks the contribution of each party involved to bring this green energy into Vietnam.

Since this was the first LNG vessel to arrive in Vietnam, the preparation process for receiving her also required legal procedures regarding firefighting, environment protection, and maritime operations prior to the vessel’s arrival. To make the terminal eligible for receiving a 100,000 DWT LNG vessel, as requested by the Ministry of Transport and Vietnam Maritime Administration, PV GAS had conducted adjustments to a 4.2km channel section and a dredging work of over 570,000 m3. Eventually, PV GAS has rewarded great appreciation from energy majors and global shipping corporations for its safety and risk management.

Thi Vai LNG Terminal - view from the deck of Maran Gas Achilles 

The docking of the very first LNG vessel into Viet Nam helped PV GAS affirm its leading position in green energy transition. It also has contributed to elevating Ba Ria - Vung Tau seaport cluster’s reputation, as well as that of Vietnam on the global energy map.



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