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PV GAS South East Transmission Company’s Youth Union reviewed 2023’s H1’s performance

On July 13, 2023, Youth Union Chapter of PV GAS South East Transmission Company (KDN) (hereinunder referred to as “the Chapter”) held a conference to review their performance in 2023’s first half and discuss directions in the next one.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh (Party Secretary, Director) and Mr. Nguyen Kim Ngoc (Party Committee Member, Deputy Director, and Chairman of KDN Trade Union) attended and directed the Conference. On the side of the chapter were Mr. Nguyen Van Quang Nam - Secretary, and all the youth union members of the company.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quang Nam presented the report on the First-Six-Month Performance.


Mr. Nguyen Van Quang Nam presented the report on the organization’s performance in the first half of 2023. The report clearly highlighted the encouraging achievements of chapter in political and ideological education as well as the development of the company’s Party and Youth Union. Furthermore, he was also straightforwardly evaluating the existing limitations, analyzing their causes, and proposing appropriate solutions.

The Chapter regularly seeks to understand the thoughts and aspirations of its members, diversify and enrich various forms of activities suitable for each youth group to encourage youth members to participate actively. In February 2023, two outstanding comrades, who were also members of the Executive Committee of the Chapter, had the honor of participating in a party delegation's journey back to the historical roots, inspiring other youth members. During the first six months of 2023, the Chapter introduced 03 outstanding youth members to the Party and enrolled them in the Party's training class, while 04 other youth members were in the process of completing their application to join the Party, and 01 youth member had successfully become a Party member.

These achievements were attributed to the proper guidance from the higher-level Youth Union, Party Committee, and PV GAS’ leadership and as the testament of the smooth coordination between the Chapter, the local authorities, other youth organizations in PV GAS, and most importantly, the unity and solidarity in the operational direction of the Executive Committee and the active participation of the base Youth Union members.

KDN Youth Union consistently fulfills its tasks with a spirit of unity, solidarity, and active participation from all members.

In his guidance speech at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh acknowledged and highly appreciated the achievements of Chapter in the first six months of the year. He expressed his desire for the Youth Union of KDN to be united and unanimous within the Executive Committee and the PV GAS’ Youth Union for the common development goals of the Corporation.
He emphasized that the KDN Youth Union should focus on the intelligence and creativity of the youth to innovate working methods, strengthen initiatives for technical and management improvements, and organize various movement activities within the Company. Additionally, he encouraged enhancing current management practices and leveraging strong information technology applications to align with the youth's digital environment.

Commendations were awarded to 5 outstanding youth members for their achievements in the youth activities during the first six months of the year.

At the closing of the conference, Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy (Deputy Secretary of the Chapter) called on all KDN Youth Union members to continue their unity, solidarity, and cooperation, working together with a shared determination to successfully complete their professional tasks and actively participate in movement activities. She encouraged them to contribute to the overall success of Chapter and the Company in the last six months of 2023.

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