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PV GAS launches and signs the emulation commitment of "Exceeding all tasks and targets of the plan in 2022"

At the PV GAS Employee Conference in 2021, comrade Tran Xuan Thanh - Chairman of PV GAS Trade Union on behalf of the Board of Directors, PV GAS Trade Union has launched a special emulation to welcome the 2022 New Year:" PV GAS determines to exceed all tasks and targets in the 2022 plan."

At the conference, comrade Duong Manh Son - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Corporation; comrade Hoang Van Quang - Member of the Board of Directors, General Director of the Corporation; comrade Tran Xuan Thanh - Chairman of Trade Union; comrade Nguyen Thanh Nghi - Deputy General Director, Chairman of PV GAS Veterans Association – have represented the Party Committee, the Government, and the organizations to perform the signing ceremony of Emulation Commitment, expressing consensus and determination to complete the tasks and targets in the 2022 plan of PV GAS.

Accordingly, to overcome difficulties and challenges, successfully implement the 2022 plan, and develop PV GAS sustainably, PV GAS Board of Directors have called on all employees to continue promoting the spirit of "Solidarity - Innovation– Professionalization– Action”, and actively “Emulate to exceed all tasks and targets of the 2022 plan” with the following main contents:

1. Strictly and effectively comply with and carry out the safe adaptation and disease control plan of the Corporation, the local authorities and the Government.

2. Ensure safety for all production and business activities of the Corporation.

3. Ensure the progress of projects, especially key projects; complete the investment and construction; and put the 1 million- ton LNG warehouse at Thi Vai Terminal into operation in the fourth quarter of 2022.

4. Concentrate on market development; formulate and approve mechanisms and policies relating to the gas sector.

5. Restructure strongly the Corporation in line with the new situation.

6. Constantly promote emulation movements and technical innovation initiatives; increase labor productivity; reduce costs; lower product prices; and improve competitiveness.

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