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PV GAS evaluates the network security and cyber security drills in 2021

Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) has recently collaborated with PwC Vietnam Cyber Security Ltd (PwC Cyber Vietnam) to organize a Conference on network security assessment and cyber security drills at PV GAS in 2021. This was an annual event held to improve the cyber security and confidentiality of PV GAS and improve the capability to respond to network security incidents for specialized employees. 

On the basis of practical requirements, in the face of the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the IT application and digital transformation has been strongly deployed by PV GAS in most of its production and business: working from home; increasing the use of online tools for meeting and working; strongly applying the processing and signing of electronic documents... PV GAS also closely cooperated with Petrovietnam in digital transformation and implementation of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at the Corporation.

IT is increasingly widely applied in all aspects of business operations to improve competitiveness. However, besides, cyber attacks are also increasing with complexity and sophistication, enterprises are facing many challenges in ensuring network and cyber security. Therefore, cyber security and confidentiality are always paid attention to by PV GAS.

In the assessment program, PwC Cyber's experts have tested and evaluated the network security of the IT system at the Corporation and its affiliates; exchanging and discussing relevant information. Besides, the drills of cyber attack and incident response on the information system with simulated vulnerabilities have been performed with the support of PwC Vietnam. Moreover, PwC Vietnam also shared more common attack scenarios and international incident response practices to improve cyber security incident response capacity for PV GAS IT staff.

The programme’s attendees have understood the process of monitoring, supervising, analyzing and dealing with cyber attack incidents to perfect troubleshooting procedures to proactively respond to emergencies and improve the capacity of the team in charge of this field at the Corporation and other units.

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