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PV GAS – Highlight in the creative labor movements

For years, PV GAS has been considered as a company strongly promoting creative labor movements, innovation initiatives both in width and depth; one of the highlights of the entire petroleum industry. These innovation initiatives applied in practice have contributed to the safe, continuous and effective management and operation of gas projects, environmental protection, generating huge economic benefits for the country, and practically supporting the implementation of the Party and State's Policy on thrift practice and waste combat.

In the industry featured with modern equipment, technologies, constant operation at high temperature, high pressure and potentially high risks of fire and explosion, PV Gas has always focused on investment in science and technology, and considered innovation initiatives, solutions as an essential demand in production and business operations of PV GAS. Accordingly, PV GAS's workers have gradually mastered the modern equipment and technologies which were originally operated by foreign experts at the early stage. Leaders of PV Gas, Trade union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of PV GAS have always cared for, encouraged and facilitated the workers to directly contribute their practical initiatives solving difficulties and problems in the production and business processes, enhancing safety for people and equipment, and improving labor productivity, etc. Every year, at the employee conference, the President & CEO and the Trade Union Chairman on behalf of PVGas encourage employees to improve the creative labor and promote innovation initiates in production and business. Previously, in the absence of sufficient or specific documents to guide the performance of initiatives, PV GAS actively explored, developed and applied regulations on initiatives, solutions both in production engineering and business management. In the Trade union system, the Science and Technology Division has been established early to launch and sustain such movements. PV Gas maintains the Council of Science and Technology to comment, assess and assist in applying initiatives to the practical operations. In PV GAS, all initiatives, no matter how big or small, are promptly rewarded and honored. Depending on the efficiency and application scale of initiatives, they will be rewarded at unit, trade union, or PV Gas levels or proposed to Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group for reward.

All researches and initiatives at PV Gas emerge/ arise from production and business requirements. The leadership of PV GAS as well as of member companies always encourages employees to carry out scientific research and propose ideas for innovations. In addition, PV Gas is always willing to support and create advantageous conditions in terms of time, finance and human resources in order for authors to develop ideas, designs, implement and apply initiatives into practice. On scheduled or unscheduled basis, the Corporation also assesses, votes and rewards IAI to honor and apply them on a large scale across PV Gas and PetroVietnam. The outstanding features of the creative labor movement recognized in PV GAS, include: the urgency and prompt remedying of problems, because the overall goal is to provide the continuous, safe and quality gas flow to power and fertilizer plants, contributing to ensuring the national energy and food security. Because of the relation to the gas industry with large production scale, these initiatives also bring huge economic benefits to companies by eliminating the exhaust gas causing environmental pollution; or promptly remedy problems, shorten production downtime for customers; or improve performance in gas processing.

During the period from 2011 to 2013, throughout the Corporation, there were hundreds of grassroots initiatives and solutions benefiting more than six hundred billion dongs in value; 31 initiatives and solutions recognized at the Corporation level, 4 initiatives/solutions recognized at PVN level, 4 initiatives granted with the Merit Certificates of PVN. In particular, the outstanding initiative was "Operation of Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant at the flow rate lower than the design's" in Vung Tau Gas Processing Company, increasing the recovery of 335 LPG tons, and 100 Condensate tons per day during the time when the gas flow into the plant decreases, generating the efficiency equivalent to US$ 270,000 per day. That initiative helps increase the plant versatility and efficiency to operate in various modes, in line with fluctuations in offshore gas production. 

Another typical example is the initiative "Improving the capacity of Nam Con Son gas processing plant from 20 million m3 of gas per day to 21 million m3 of gas per day" by Nam Con Son Gas Pipeline Company, enabling to increase the capacity of the entire Nam Con Son gas system from offshore to Phu My Gas Distribution Center while ensuring system safety and quality of finished gas products. That initiative contributes to handle the increased power demand in the dry season, when the hydropower resources are limited, and EVN must mobilize power generators using diesel oil at high costs. The successful application of such initiative has increased PV Gas's annual; revenue by US$ 7.3 million, while saving US$ 128 million per year for the society as compared with the use of diesel oil for power plants. 

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