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PV Gas Customer Conference in 2012

On 11/5/2012, in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, PV Gas held a conference of "PV Gas Customer Conference in 2012". Attendees of the conference included representatives of ministries, PetroVietnam, the BOD of PV Gas, the BOM of PV Gas, representatives of affiliate companies, member companies and over 100 representatives of PV Gas’ loyal business partners in the business of gas and gas products.

PV Gas currently assumes the prime position in LPG wholesale, obtaining 50% of domestic market share since 2010 and aiming at 75-80% of the market share in the near future; maintaining the leading position in the LPG retail market, city gas and CNG trading through the affiliate and member companies. PV Gas is securing input fuels and feedstock to produce over 40% of total national power output, 30% of urea demand and 70% of liquefied gas demand of the whole country, and can satisfy 100% of the domestic demand for Petroleum steel pipes and pipe coating. Currently, PV Gas’ revenue accounts for over 10% of total revenues of the Group and equal to 2.5% of Vietnam’s GDP. This figure is likely to increase as PV Gas’ new projects will be operational one after another in the period of 2012-2015.                           
In its business strategy, PV Gas will keep building and safely and effectively operating South Eastern and South Western Pipelines gas systems, connecting the East – West pipelines, step-by-step establishing the national gas pipelines, aiming at connecting to regional gas pipelines; to effectively use domestic gas resources and to boost LNG/LPG imports for the domestic market demand, joining the international markets.                          
With obvious advantages of gas products in economic efficiency and environmental protection, more and more customers are likely to use gas. Being aware of PV Gas’ responsibilities, apart from operating gas system resonably, PV Gas is actively carrying out many integral solutions for gas supplementation.                         

In the development, PV Gas has re-affirmed its tireless effort to work closely with customers, striving to strengthen and improve existing cooperative relationships, setting up new customer relationships based on close co-operation, solidarity and consensus with partners and loyal clients. PV Gas has also received enthusiastic cooperation and positive suggestions from partners and customers. Over past years, these close relationships have yielded practical benefits to all parties.

This customer conference was also to express PV Gas’ gratitude towards its loyal customers and partners, receive all suggestions, ideas exchanged from partners, customers for strengthening the mutual understandings among parties and together striving for common development targets in the coming time. As compared with previous conferences, this conference was widely rated as more professional and on larger scale with diverse guests, contributing to encourage PV Gas to continuously improve its service and product quality for better customer service.

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