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Manoeuver of Safety - Fire Prevention and Fighting of PV Gas in 2012

On 26 & 27/4/2012, PV Gas organized the Fire Prevention and Fighting Manoeuvre at the corporation level in BR-VT Province. Attending the manoeuver were representatives of Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Trade, PetroVietnam, Police General Department under the Ministry of Public Security, BR-VT Province People’s Committee and Police.

The Manoeuvre of Fire Prevention and Fighting at the corporation level was a big event to gather forces throughout PV Gas, in combination with instructions from leaders of relevant units, encouraging firefighters, employees to promote the Fire Prevention and Fighting movement, protect the gas industry. With specific characteristics of the gas industry posing constant potential risks of explosion and fire, in the production process, PV Gas always pays high attention to security and safety activities, in which Fire Prevention and Fighting is one of the top priority tasks. Accordingly, throughout the 21-year-operation and development, PV Gas has conceded no explosiones and fires, ensuring absolute safety for PV Gas operation, joining in environment protection, security and safety maintenance at localities where gas works and gas pipeline are located or pass. As such, PV Gas has been rated as one of pioneers in the petroleum industry engaging in energy security, food security and national sovereignty protection.

The Manoeuvre of Safety- Fire Prevention and Fighting of PV Gas in 2012 aims at targets including: active response to the National Week in 2012 on Safety– Labor Hygiene - Fire and Explosive Prevention; promoting the Movement of Mass Participation in Fire Prevention and Fighting according to directives of BR-VT Province People’s Committee and Deputy Prime Minister’s conclusions at the summary conference on 10-year-implementation of the Law on fire prevention and fighting; disseminating knowledge on Safety - Fire Prevention and Fighting to employees to enhance their awareness and responsibilities; strengthening practice, improving fire fighting and rescure techniques of PV Gas’ firefighters; calling on entire personnel of PV Gas to well implement safety – labor hygiene - fire and explosive prevention and fighting tasks in the strategy of “Make the safety culture instilled in every employee".
The Fire Prevention and Fighting manoeuvre in 2012 were attended by 15 member units of PV Gas. The exercise contest was divided into two blocks: professional block (with specialized fire engines) and semi-professional block. The contest consisted of two main parts. The theory contest as organized at Vung Tau VCCI Building, on knowledge, understanding about Safety- Fire Prevention and Fighting – Hygiene Labor, State regulations on electricity/chemical safety, working in confined space, pressurized tanks, situation handling, provisions of the Laws on fire prevention and fighting, environmental protection...

The exercise contest was held at Dinh Co Gas Distribution Center, including fire prevention, fighting and rescue activities:

+ Formation of Team in relay and extinguishing fires

+ Spreading fire hydrants;

+ Rescue and first aid formation;

+ Rescue in confined space;

+ Elevated firefighting formation


After two fully dedicated days for the sake of common goals, the Safety – Fire Prevention and Fighting Contest of PV Gas in 2012 was closed with success. Mr Nguyen Quoc Huy, PV Gas Vice President has affirmed: "Apart from routine measures of fire prevention and fighting for PV Gas’ operation, it is essential to organize periodic Safety – Fire Prevention and Fighting contests for the personnel to skillfully use fire fighting equipment and implement emergency rescue plans. With this contest, we can assess reality, standby capacity, capacity of equipment use, accident rescue at facilities and coordination with local firefighters, actively preventing and handling incidents right from the beginning under the motto of four things carried out at site. "

Learning from directives of leadership at all level, after the contest end, PV Gas member units have assessed and reviewed experience for improving the efficiency of upcoming fire prevention and fighting activities, building personnel resources good at fire prevention and fighting, able to handle complex situations, and keep implementing safety, fire prevention and fighting tasks with main focus on Prevention..

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