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PetroVietnam’s Table Tennis Club - Initial success of socialization

Founded in late 2009, PetroVietnam Table Tennis Club is the youngest table tennis team of Vietnam but has achieved outstanding success over the last three years. On 11/05/2012, in the coastal city of Da Nang, the tennis club’s players have proved their terrific form when all reached Men's Singles Quarter Finals and won the bronze medal in Men's Team at the 30th Nhan Dan Newspaper's National Table Tennis Championships -PetroVietnam Cup.

For individual, Doan Kien Quoc has accomplished the mission when beating the reigning champion Tran Tuan Quynh (T&T Hanoi) at 4-2 to win the gold medal in men's singles. This is the best achievement since Kien Quoc Doan joined PetroVietnam Club, which does not only help Kien Quoc claim back the slip before Tuan Quynh in the final event last year, but is also of significant meaning to the teams operating under finance by economic units such as PetroVietnam. PetroVietnam Club has implemented the socialization with its own competition achievements, contributing to promotion of the sponsors’ brands. In a short time, the club has twice won the championship in men’s team events for International Golden Racket Tournament, including remarkable victories over strong teams from Korea, China and Japan, and is the only table tennis team of Vietnam winning the team championship in the history of 26-year-Golden Racket Tournament. These achievements help the club have 10 different sponsors at the moment.                        

According to Mr. Truong Thoi Nhiem - Deputy Director of Petroleum Sports and Culture Joint-stock Company (PetroVietnam club's agency in charge), a member company of PetroVietnam Gas Corporation, PetroVietnam’s table tennis team has earned such outstanding achievements thanks to carrying out effective professional models, good treatment policy to attract highly qualified athletes and overcoming difficulties with activeness and creativity. Like all other clubs, PetroVietnam Club has also encountered challenges in operation, such as lack of training facilities (currently hiring training location of the National Sports Training Centre), difficulties in training of youth athletes, affecting the sustainable development of the club ... In such circumstances, the club’s leadership has step-by-step developed the model of Table Tennis Training Academies in provinces, cities thereby setting up satellite facilities to provide young athletes resources for PetroVietnam club as well as for other clubs in the country. With this pioneer method, the leadership of PetroVietnam Club is eagerly looking forward to good results from its socialized investment model.

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