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PV GAS Ca Mau Company to Practice Firefighting and Rescue in Response to Oil and Chemical Spills

As part of the company’s Occupational Health and Safety Plan in 2023, PV GAS Ca Mau Company (KCM) successfully launched a training program focusing on practicing Firefighting and Rescue Plan in response to Oil and Chemical Spills.

The training session was conducted with a simulated scenario of a "Major LPG/Condensate Leak and Fuel Oil Leak during the Loading Process at the Jetty of Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant (GPP)" The aim was to enhance coordination, proactive capabilities, and readiness to handle emergency situations at KCM involving Firefighting and Rescue Police Department, Ca Mau Provincial Police, and units within Ca Mau Gas - Electricity – Fertilizer Industrial Cluster.

KCM extended a warm welcome to the participating units and forces 


The scenario unfolded at KCM’s Jetty. An operator inspecting the loading area noticed an oil sheen on the river, leaking from a valve on the ship's oil tank, estimating that more than 100 liters of oil had spilled into the river. Upon discovering the incident, the ship master urgently ordered the closure of the intake valve without informing the operational shift. This led to a sudden pressure surge, causing the connecting pipe for the ship's loading to rupture and damaging the ship's intake valve. As a result, there was a significant release of liquid products/LPG into the environment.

Over 60 officers and soldiers from collaborating units, 1 ambulance, 5 specialized firefighting vehicles, 1 fire-fighting boat, and 2 boats equipped for response, remediation, and oil spill collection


On receipt of the report, the on-site team at KCM promptly requested the cessation of pumping and closure of the liquid product outlet and simultaneously notified KCM's leadership to commence urgent emergency response for addressing the incident. Relevant divisions within KCM then initiated water spraying to dilute the gas concentration and prevent ignition and implemented measures to prevent explosions, and mitigate damages right from the initial stages. Concurrently, KCM's Emergency Response Command contacted the relevant forces shortly to seek coordinative actions, including isolation, technological processing, and preventing the escalation of the incident. Rescue operations were coherently organized, while also collecting spilled oil and chemicals in accordance with regulations. As a result, the coordination process was successfully accomplished. Within the designated timeframe, the units correctly followed the steps in the sequence of incident handling with safety and security management measures, and were able ensure smooth maritime traffic flow.

Rescue of individuals in hazardous environments.


To address this situation, a total of 61 officers and soldiers were mobilized, along with 5 specialized firefighting vehicles, 1 fire-fighting boat, 1 ambulance with medical personnel, and 2 boats equipped with response, remediation, and oil spill collection equipment.

Spraying water to cool and dilute gas concentrations and prevent ignition.


The leadership of relevant divisions and collaborating units highly praised the proactive approach in devising response scenarios, the effectiveness of actions taken, the ability to coordinate, and the preparedness to respond to any potential emergency situations. The program successfully achieved its set objectives, ensuring absolute safety for both personnel and facilities.

Scenario included the collection of dispersed oil to protect the environment.


Congratulations to the participating forces 



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