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CNG Viet Nam Commissions LNG Truck Loading Facility in Long An

Mid-August, 2023, CNG Viet Nam’s BOD paid a visit to Thuan Dao LNG Satellite Station (Long An) to inspect its readiness for commissioning to receive and distribute LNG by lorries. The working session was also attended by the company’s seniors, and representatives of the contractors, CFC Vietnam - Equipment and Installation Supplier, CTC Vietnam - Project Management Consultant, and Intertek - Supervision Consultant.

CNG Viet Nam’s BOD paid a visit to Thuan Dao LNG Satellite Station (Long An)


Hosting the session, Mr. Nguyen Huu Xuan, Deputy Director of CNG Viet Nam, reported on the installation completion of the Station. The Fire Fighting and Rescue Police Department of Long An had conducted official acceptance of fire prevention and fighting works and approved the results in writing. Commissioning and operation procedures had been issued as training materials for technical officers, operating and maintenance workers, drivers, etc. Safety inspections had been also completed. Last but not least, the company had obtained all the necessary legal documentation to have LNG distribution lorries coordinated for the commissioning of LNG satellite station. Overall, the entire preparation process had been successfully concluded.

The entire preparation process had been successfully concluded.


Previously, PV GAS had excellently accomplished the Performance Run Test of Thi Vai LNG Terminal and handed over its facility and Thi Vai Low-pressure Gas Distribution Station to PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company, as well as Thi Vai – Phu My LNG pipeline to PV GAS South East Transmission Company. The commissioning of Thi Vai LNG Terminal was completed nearly 3 days ahead of schedule with absolute safety. This outcome demonstrated that this project chain had been executed meticulously, achieving all quality and safety parameters, as well as cost reductions. 

LNG distribution lorries of CNG Viet Nam with the slogan: A NEW ERA FOR CLEAN ENERGY


With this next step of the green energy journey, PV GAS, alongside its units and members, including CNG Viet Nam, is progressively bringing LNG to the market and fulfilling its mission as the leading enterprise in the sector.

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