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Materialization of Using Barcode to Improve LPG Cylinder Distribution Management in Vietnam

Following the MOA Signing Ceremony on August 8, 2023, between PV GAS, PV GAS LPG and JCCP, a Kick-off Meeting was held at PV GAS LPG headquarter in Hanoi on August 10, 2023, with the attendance of not only the mentioned parties but also HAGIO High Pressure Containers CO., Ltd., entrusted with implementing the Project by JCCP.

PV GAS/PV GAS LPG and JCCP: MOA Signing for Improving LPG Cylinder Distribution Management in Vietnam

Under PV GAS’ LPG Retail Market Development Strategy for the 2021-2025 period, aimed at developing its retail network and distribution channels to increase retail LPG output and business efficiency, PV GAS, in collaboration with PV GAS LPG, has been working closely with JCCP, a non-profit organization under the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI), and Hagio to conduct research and trials on "Improving the management of LPG cylinders distribution in Vietnam by barcode ".

PV GAS CEO greets Samsung C&T delegates

Mr. Pham Van Phong, President & CEO of PV GAS, recently had a meeting and working session with Samsung C&T, led by President Oh Se Chul. The meeting was to explore collaboration between PV GAS and Samsung C&T in researching methods to increase LNG supply for industrial customers and utilize the cryogenic feature of LNG in the coming time.

PV GAS to accept handover of Thi Vai LNG terminal and Thi Vai – Phu My LNG pipeline from EPC contractor.

On  August 1st, after successfully completing the Performance Run Test of Thi Vai LNG Terminal, PV GAS held a conference with the attendance of Samsung C&T, PTSC and Alpha ECC, aimed at the current status of the terminal for further Reliability Run Test. The meeting was a testament to PV GAS’ tremendous determination and effective collaboration with the main contractor and related units to bring its LNG value chain from concept to reality.

PV GAS meets State Inspection Authority of Laos

Implementing the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and the State Inspection Authority of Laos, and as part of the Government Inspectorate's foreign activities program in 2023, the State Inspection Authority of Laos conducted a training program in Vietnam in July 2023. On July 28th, the delegation visited and worked with PV GAS to study the practical experience of internal corporate inspection activities.

PV GAS Ca Mau Company organized Firefighting and Rescue Sports Festival 2023

The gas industry is identified as a pivotal sector in the process of Vietnam’s industrialization and modernization. However, due to the nature of its operations, there are inherent risks of fire and explosion, posing potential hazards to the cmmunity and the environment. Therefore, ensuring absolute safety for gas facilities is always a top priority for the Authorities at all levels.

PV GAS to exceed 2023’s H1’s targets with profit before tax reaching over VND 7.5 trillion.

PV GAS’s targets in 2023’s first half were reported to be exceeded. In particular, its output and revenue came out transcending respectively about 3-19% and 13-17% of what was planned, leading to an 81-83% increase in profit before and after tax compared to the targeted ones. As a result, PV GAS’s contribution to the National budget reached 57-60% higher than its target.


On July 18, 2023, the first 70,000-ton commissioning LNG cargo was fully pumped into the 180,000 m3 storage tank at Thi Vai LNG Terminal after more than a week since the arrival of the Maran Gas Achilles LNG Carrier (LNG/C). This helped PV GAS gain momentum on the journey towards green energy transition and contributed to elevating Ba Ria - Vung Tau seaport cluster’s reputation, as well as that of Vietnam on the global energy map.

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