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Thi Vai LNG Terminal: Nothing is Impossible (Part 2)

After more than 3 years of construction, the 1 MMPTA Thi Vai LNG Terminal moved on to the commissioning phase before going online. This was the final key determining the success of the project. In this period, the reception of the first historic LNG vessel into Vietnam was one of the greatest prides of Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS).

The arrival of Magan Gas Chillies in Vietnam stirred the global energy market, making Vietnam a shining star in the field of LNG. It was the ultimate result of immense efforts from the leadership and workforce of PV GAS, which transcends any ability to describe. However, with memories shared by the employees from PV GAS LNG Trading Company (PV GAS LNG) and PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company (KVT) in Part 2 of the series " Thi Vai LNG Terminal: Nothing is Impossible," perhaps readers will understand more about this extraordinary process.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao (PV GAS LNG) - Deputy Manager of LNG Trading Department: "We Aim for the Future with Professionalism"

Before the very first LNG shipment from Botang port in Indonesia, Ms. Thao, one of the key figures closely associated with this special project, was emotionally moved when reflecting on the journey that began more than a decade ago.

Recalling the past, Ms. Thao mentioned that bringing the first LNG shipment to Vietnam and unloading it safely required an enormous amount of work. LNG, being a new commodity with significant investments, long-term commitments, and numerous state-of-the-art technical factors, demanded thorough research, calculation, and detailed planning for absolute safety.

The LNG market once faced scarcity in supply, causing its prices to soar. PV GAS LNG had to organize numerous meetings with suppliers and consulting experts to research and discuss purchasing strategies, making the most of competitive price periods. The support from LNG partners, especially Shell, not only helped PV GAS land optimal purchasing times but also provided motivation and invaluable knowledge.

Ms. Thao (on the right) met Samsung Project Manager and Deputy Master of Maran Gas Achilles. 


Mr. Pham Thai Son (KVT) – Team Leader of LNG Operations: "I Had a Passionate Team"

Mr. Pham Thai Son, Team Leader of LNG Operations, is one of the seasoned professionals who were involved in the project since its inception. He undertook the role of managing LNG operations, as well as coordinating support with relevant units and parties during the project implementation.

Mr. Son contributed to the design and operation documents, and led the compilation of procedures for the 1MMTPA Thi Vai LNG Terminal. He was also one of the participants in the On-Job-Training program at Boreyong LNG Terminal in South Korea from January 2022 to April 2022. Upon his return, Mr. Son retrained other LNG operators, imparting the knowledge he had acquired.

"LNG was a completely new product for Vietnam in general and PV GAS in particular, with complex storage technology, intricate operations, and numerous risks. Our operations team also lacked practical experience. Additionally, all project documents were entirely in English, so we had to put in a lot of effort to thoroughly understand and convey the knowledge to the colleagues", stated Mr. Son.

During the commissioning of the terminal, Mr. Son and the operators worked alongside the project managers and engineers from the main contractor Samsung C&T. With dedication and diligence, his team was entrusted to successfully receive the first LNG vessel in July 2023.

Mr. Son shared, "I was deeply concerned about the process of receiving and departing the LNG vessel, as it involved complexities and many risks related to security, maritime safety, and coordination among all relevant parties. However, under the precise guidance of PV GAS/KVT leadership and the collective effort of everyone, we successfully completed the reception and gas-in process."

For Mr. Son, working on the 1 MMTPA LNG project has helped him become more mature. Not only has he acquired valuable knowledge and experience in LNG, but also had the opportunity to make new connections with those involved in this field. Particularly, he was able to build a dynamic, passionate, and energetic operations team, with the mission of ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the LNG Terminal.


Mr. Pham Khac Toan (KVT) – Loading Master: "Confident about the upcoming journeys"

Mr. Pham Khac Toan was a member of the Marine Team tasked with providing input for the construction of terminal infrastructure, in preparation for receiving LNG vessels. He also followed the due diligence delegations of LNG suppliers and acted as the Loading Master when the vessel docked.

Mr. Toan had had experience as a Loading Master for refrigerated LPG vessels since 2013. However, LNG, at that time, was an entirely new field. Besides participating in training courses on LNG and Loading Mastering for LNG, the company also purchased foreign materials for Mr. Toan to study and further reference.

Mr. Pham Khac Toan (on the left) met the Master of Maran Gas Achilles


On July 18, 2023, after the final mooring line was untied, it marked the completion of the loading process for the first LNG vessel. For Mr. Toan, this achievement was the result of the entire team's efforts, representing a significant milestone for PV GAS/KVT as well as for every individual involved.

Through this project, Toan has also recognized what he lacked nt to be prepared for the next journeys.

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