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Thi Vai LNG Terminal: Nothing is Impossible! (Part 1)

On the eve of the Inauguration of a National Key Project – Thi Vai LNG Terminal, those involved in the project from the very beginning couldn't help but be moved by a mix of emotions as there is so much joy, happiness, and pride.

At first, everyone was completely in the dark about how this largest and most modern "historic" LNG facility would turn out after 4 years of construction. Starting from scratch, in an absolutely new field, with numerous new technologies and equipment, engineers and workers of PV GAS in various positions and roles had to work and learn non-stop to successfully fulfill their responsibilities.
Part 1 of the series “Thi Vai LNG Terminal: Nothing is Impossible!” features managers and engineers at PV GAS Project Management Company, sharing their thoughts on the journey of bringing the terminal from concept to reality.

Mr. Nguyen Hung Tien (Manager of Safety Division): "We will continue on the journey of bringing clean energy to Vietnam."

Mr. Tien has been dedicated to Thi Vai LNG Terminal project for 12 years, and thereby was one of those involved the entire pre-final-investment-decision process, when the project was just an idea on the table.

Vietnam, at that time, had never manufactured such large liquefied natural gas (LNG) chains before, so all related regulations were non-existent. Mr. Tien cannot even count how many business trips and meetings he had to work on this whole new sector. 

In the face of immense pressure, everyone at PV GAS had to push their limits, working at 200% capacity to overcome challenges and ensure the project's progress. And indeed, "nothing is impossible”. The project was successfully completed within 4 years.

The upcoming inauguration and going online of 1MMTPA Thi Vai LNG terminal will be a solid milestone for PV GAS' green energy journey, and especially for those who have been dedicated to make this LNG dream come true for a long time like Mr. Hung Tien.


Mr. Doan Xuan Tien (Manager of Engineering and Technology Division): Always ready to face challenges and flexibly find solutions to overcome difficulties.

Thi Vai LNG Terminal was designed by world-class consultants with the philosophy of no blowdown and no flaring during operation. These were cutting-edge technologies that had never been seen before in Vietnam. Additionally, most materials and equipment used in the project were imported from leading countries in the LNG industry.

On receipt of an incredibly tough task - managing the project's design, for Mr. Xuan Tien, this was perhaps the most complex project he ever got involved in.

"I personally consider this project the most typical example of how unforeseen external factors can directly impact what is planned. During the EPC contract execution, we had to face various unexpected situations such as domestic shortages, leading to a fast-track plan to complete the project early, the COVID-19 pandemic, a sudden increase in LNG prices, and the progress of Nhon Trach 3, 4 power plant projects. Therefore, we needed to be flexible in finding solutions to overcome all difficulties" said Mr. Xuan Tien.

Thi Vai LNG Terminal can meet domestic and international standards and regulations, as well as operational safety requirements through in-depth assessments. Hence, the process of receiving the first LNG vessel in Vietnam and the commissioning were accomplished ahead of schedule without any technical risks or errors.

This was the result of high focus and efficient quality control at every stage, as well as one of the great milestones achieved by the PV GAS engineering team.


Mr. Thai Doan Hue (Engineer of Safety Division): "As joyful as after harvesting a field!"

Thai Doan Hue, as a Safety Engineer, directly supervised occupational safety and security throughout the construction process, from geological surveying to the completion of commissioning before the facility's operation.

During the most challenging period when the COVID-19 pandemic was rampant, engineers and workers had to stay on-site for four months, away from their families and under pressure to meet project deadlines. Ensuring everyone's health and mental well-being during this time required significant effort. People had to cook for themselves, do each other's haircut and handle household chores while closely following the site's progress amidst the evolving pandemic.

Recalling that period, Mr. Hue shared, "It felt like going back to the days of national defense education when I was a student. I remember every time equipment trucks arrived at the site, the drivers had to undergo rapid COVID tests. At that moment, everyone held their breath because a positive result meant a lot of extra difficulties to the site. It was truly intense and indescribable."

Some focused on supporting from home, while others were determined to stay on-site day and night. Together, they passed the hardships of life with a strong belief in each other.

Mr. Hue also humorously said, "We celebrated as if we had just finished harvesting a field!". With each project he participates in, Mr. Hue gains new lessons, and most importantly, develops a deeper passion for his profession. "At the end of the project, I felt prepared to take on other major projects in the gas industry”, Mr. Hue remarked.


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh (Engineer of Technical Division): Stepping Forward with Future Special Projects

Deeply involved with the project for four years, Mr. Thanh assumed the role of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) Team Leader, cum Mechanical Team Leader. One unforgettable moment for Mr. Thanh was when the 82-meter-diameter tank, weighing approximately 900 tons, was successfully lifted to a height of nearly 40 meters as planned on December 12, 2020. He was experiencing from excitement to anxiety and finally to the extreme joy and pride.

For Mr. Thanh, being part of a major project involving cutting-edge technology for liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and regasification gave him an uplifting motivation to continue participating in similar projects in the future.


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