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Spring comes early from an online race of "CQDH Run Uprace 2023"

In the first days of the 2023 new year, Trade Union of PV GAS Executive Office organized an Online Run - CQDH RUN UPRACE 2023 with the support of the professional running organizer VIETRACE365.

In this online race, with a software which is applied well, members who registered for the race had 7 days to record the distance they run. There was a regulation on speed, but no regulation on the total running time per day was set up; Prizes were awarded for Men - Women and Teams; All runners were given a day of double performance; and a beautiful photo contest was added...

The organizer's careful preparation and unique ideas really created an explosive effect in reality. The first highlight was the number of participants in the contest: more than 100 employees registered, accounting for nearly 60% of the Office’s total employees. Among them, most of the Office’s Heads and Deputy Heads; many senior leaders in the PV GAS Board of Directors, Board of General Directors, Supervisory Board, Trade Union, and Youth Union also joined actively amid the busiest working time at the beginning of the year.

The next explosive thing was the total number of kilometers in the seven-day Race with remarkable and honorable performance of totally nearly 10 thousand kilometers, and the average performance of 96 km each, faster than the national standard (Pace ≤ 12). Among them, 4 groups had good performance, the little difference, with exciting breakthroughs, chasing and emulation. The groups did not only compete online, but also connected to encourage, support health care, and take beautiful photos together. As a result, the Race did not only attain a "huge" performance, but also had a very plentiful online "photo exhibition".

Summarizing the online race of "CQDH RUN UPRACE 2023", the organizer confirmed that it was an unexpected success, mostly thanks to the enthusiastic and unanimous response of all the members, the support and close attention of leaders. From here, more health improvement and running movements of the Executive Office’s Trade Union will definitely be organized, on the foundation that has been formed so far.

In 2023 and the following years, PV GAS will be expected to still light up the spirit of solidarity with new, more unique and attractive events, for each person and the honor of PV GAS Corporate Culture.

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