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PV GAS Trading Performs Well in 2023’s First 8 Months

In the first 8 months of 2023, PV GAS Trading Company, a unit of PV GAS, achieved impressive business results in terms of business volume and revenue.

According to the report from PV GAS Trading, despite the unstable fluctuations in the LPG market both domestically and internationally, the company had made significant breakthrough efforts. It achieved a business volume of 1.704 million tons of LPG (141% of the 8-month plan, 95% of the annual plan (1.8 million tons)) - 29% y-o-y growth. Its revenue (in 2023’s first 8 months) reached nearly VND 25.000B (86% of the annual plan and contributing 40% to PV GAS's total revenue).

PV GAS Trading expanded its market, supplying gas as input for petroleum refineries.


To achieve these impressive figures, the leadership of the company has vigorously implemented several effective solutions to develop the business and expand the market. Among them, PV GAS Trading has focused on promoting exports and international business - a market with high potential and numerous opportunities. The export and international business volume of LPG in the first 8 months of 2023 of PV GAS Trading reached 640 thousand tons, equivalent to 245% of the 8-month plan, achieving 173% of the annual plan, which is 2.2 times higher y-o-y.

In the domestic market, in the face of various challenges and intense competition, PV GAS Trading still achieved a 4% growth in production compared to the same period. It has continued to maintain an absolute leading position with a 70% wholesale market share nationwide (Southern region: 80%, Central region: 70%, and Northern region: 52%).

PV GAS Trading expanded its market, supplying gas as input for petroleum refineries


In addition, PV GAS Trading has also implemented a comprehensive set of corporate management solutions, building the company's organization towards professionalism and flexibility, and in alignment with its business direction and development scale. This is aimed at enhancing labor productivity and operational efficiency.

With a strong sense of unity and high determination, all PV GAS Trading employees continue their daily efforts in the remaining 4 months of 2023 to strive for a business volume milestone of 2.5 million tons of LPG. They are committed to achieving a 25% growth rate compared to 2022, thereby contributing to the overall growth of PV GAS.

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