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PV GAS Trade Union launches emulations to welcome its 4th Congress and ones at all levels

2023 is a year of special significance for Vietnam Trade Union, the year of holding trade union congresses at all levels in the 2023-2028 tenure; and practically celebrate the great national holidays. The Trade Union of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) has issued a plan to organize the emulation movement of "Innovation, efforts to make determination, labor productivity improvement, life and employment stabilization for its staff, and welcome to the trade union congresses at all levels".

The emulation movement is carried out in 4 phases. The first phase (January 30, 2023 - March 30, 2023): Emulation is organized to celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the Vietnam Communist Party (February 3, 1920 - February 3, 2023); the Congress will be held at Petrovietnam Gas Ca Mau Company’s Trade Union.


The second phase (April 1, 2023 - July 31, 2023): Emulations will be organized to celebrate the 75th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's appeal for patriotic emulation (June 11, 1948 - June 11, 2023), all grassroots trade union congresses of PV GAS and PV GAS Trade Union Congress in the 2023 – 2028 tenure (expected in June 2023) will be completely held and trade union congresses at all levels of the Petrovietnam Gas Services Company (PV GAS Services) will be successfully celebrated.

The third phase (August 1, 2023 – October 31, 2023): Peak emulations will be organized to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the Vietnam Trade Union (July 28, 1929 July 28, 2023), the 48th anniversary of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group’s establishment (September 3, 1975 - September 3, 2023), the 14th Petroleum Cultural Week, the 7th Congress of the PV GAS Services’ Trade Union, and the 33rd anniversary of PV GAS establishment.

Phase 4 (November 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023): Emulations will be held to celebrate the 62nd Anniversary of the Oil and Gas Industry’s Tradition Day (November 27, 1961 – November 27, 2023) and the 8th Vietnam Trade Union Congress.

PV GAS Trade Union requires 100% of grassroots trade unions to develop a plan to launch the emulations, register and have at least 2 activities to welcome the unit-level trade union congress, the 4th Congress of PV GAS Trade Union ; 100% of grassroots trade unions to finish organizing their congress to ensure on schedule, and quality, and to report the results of the emulation movement; 100% of grassroots trade unions to complete the goals of "the Program of one million initiatives, efforts to overcome difficulties, creativity and determination to win the Covid-19 pandemic"; 100% of grassroots trade unions to respond, join and organize emulation activities to welcome trade union congresses at all levels according to the main contents oriented by PV GAS Trade Union.

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