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PV GAS signed contracts belonging to the revised “Nam Con Son 2 Gas Pipeline” Project, “Sao Vang – Dai Nguyet Gas Pipeline” Project

On the 10th October 2019, at Hai Phong City, Petrovietnam Gas Corporation organized the signing ceremony of key contracts regarding to the revised Nam Con Son 2 Gas Pipeline Project and Sao Vang – Dai Nguyet Gas Pipeline Project.

  Participating in the signing ceremony, on the side of Petrovietnam Oil & Gas Group, having Mr. Le Manh Hung – General Director; the members of Members’s Council: Mr. Dinh Van Son & Mr. Nguyen Hung Dung; the Deputy General Directors: Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thap, Mr. Le Xuan Huyen. Participating also having Misters and Mises who are representatives of the professional divisions of Petrovietnam Oil & Gas Group. On the side of Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS), having Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Duong Manh Son – General Director; Misters and Mises of the Board of Directors, Board of Leaders and representatives of the professional divisions, units of PV GAS. 

At the ceremony, PV GAS had signed the Contracts: Offshore Pipeline EPC Contract, Linepipe Manufacture Contract and Linepipe Coating Contract that belong to the revised Nam Con Son 2 Gas Pipeline Project between the Owner Representative (PV GAS) – Branch of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation – Petrovietnam South East Gas Project Management Board (PVGAS SEG) and Technip Geoproduction (M) SDN BHD (TECHNIP)/Petrovietnam Joint Stock Linepipe Manufacturing Company (PV PIPE)/Petrovietnam Joint Stock Linepipe Coating Company (PV COATING) and Sao Vang – Dai Nguyet EPC Contract that belongs to Sao – Vang – Dai Nguyet Gas Pipeline Project between the Owner Representative (PV GAS) - Gas Project Management Company (DAK) and Petrovietnam Technical & Service Corporation (PTSC)

Belonging to “General plan to develop Vietnam Gas Industrial Field period to 2025, orienting to 2035” had been approved by Government’s Prime Minister, the Nam Con Son 2 Gas Pipeline Project has had an important role in synchronous development of the Vietnam Gas Industrial Field’s infrastructure. The Phase 1 of the Project had been handed over to operate & exploit from 2015 with 151km of offshore pipeline connected from KP 207.5 to BK-Thien Ung Rig.

The scale of Phase 2 of the Project comprises: 118km of offshore pipeline with 26” diameter starting from KP 207.5 leading to Long Hai Land Fall Station; onshore pipeline & stations include: Land Fall Station (LFS); 8km of pipeline with 26” diameter leading from LFS to Gas Processing Plant (GPP2) at Dinh Co; 29,5km of pipeline with 30” diameter leading dry gas from GPP2 to GDC Phu My; 01 valve station at Phuoc Hoa and the system receiving NCS2 gas at Phu My Gas Distribution Center; 25km of 02 pipelines leading products (Condensate 6” & LPG 6”) from GPP2 to Thi Vai and 03 valve stations along onshore pipeline; GPP2 at Dinh Co.

The Phase 2 of the revised NCS2 Project comprises main packages: Offshore Pipeline EPC (EPC-1); Gas Processing Plant EPC (EPC-2); Onshore Pipeline and Stations EPC (EPC-3); Procurement of Steel Plate; Linepipe Manufacture; Linepipe Coating and some other packages. In that, EPC – 1 package will be executed by TECHNIP Contractor. It has been one of the important packages of the project, with scope of work comprising: Survey, detail design; procurement of materials & equipments (exception of the coated 26” linepipe that will be supplied by the Owner) and construction, installation of about 118km offshore pipeline with 26” diameter from the end point of the Phase 1 at Bach Ho leading to Long Hai (EPC – 1 contractor will be in charge to make tie – in the offshore pipeline of the Phase 1 with Phase 2 of the Project). PV PIPE and PV COATING will manufacture and coat 126km linepipe with 26” diameter and 29,5km linepipe with 30” diameter.

The signing of 3 contracts mentioned above is to make sure the target: finish the connection with offshore pipeline and ready to receive Sao Vang – Dai Nguyet gas, estimately on the three quarter of 2020.

The Sao Vang – Dai Nguyet Gas Pipeline Project also has carried an important meaning and has promptness not less than NCS2 Project: This is the investment and construction of the offshore pipeline from Sao Vang compressing frame connecting to existing Nam Con Son 2 pipeline, at the same time connecting to  Thien Ung – Dai Hung field to collect and transport onshore Sao Vang – Dai Nguyet and Thien Ung – Dai Hung gas. Estimately, after completion on the three quarter of 2020, the project will transport about 2-3 billion cubic meter gas onshore, supplying gas resource for South – East zone. The project will utilize maximum of PV GAS’s available gas industrial infrastructure, raise up investment effect of the project, as well as the effect of exploitation offshore. This pipeline has design capacity of about 7.9 million cubic meter gas per day & night.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Duc Hieu – General Manager of Petrovietnam South – East Gas Project Management Board and Mr. Tran Van Du – DAK’s Director that are two units who have been given as representatives by PV GAS, together with contractors/general contractor signed contracts before the PVN & PV GAS’s witness.

Giving a speech at the ceremony, Mr. Torfinn Akselsen - Vice President Commercial Asia who is representative for the contractors has committed showing determination and high cooperation of all parties with the purpose to manage contracts: safety, effect, on schedule. He has also imphasized that the participation of contractors/general contractor in these special important projects has been a great honour and responsibility that contribute to ensure energy security and raw materials for produce electricity that have been taken care, guided and supported closely by Government, PVN, PV GAS.

Congratulating the  parties participating in the ceremony, Mr. Le Manh Hung – PVN’s General Director highly appreciated capacity and experience of contractors/general contractor who will execute successfully contracts, as well as entrusted in PV GAS’s capacity and experience in the role of the Owner. He also expected that general contractor PTSC, TECHNIP contractor, PV PIPE, PV COATING need to knowledge clearly the Owner’s requires in order to complete works, packages that have been given in safety, quality, effect, on schedule and complying with procedure/process.

Believing that, from now on, the items of Nam Con Son 2 and Sao Vang – Dai Nguyet Projects have been completed and coming to operate, that will contribute to the stability of national energy security, will supplement gas resource to meet the need more and more using enery for the national economy’s development.


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