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PV GAS President & CEO in talks with PV GAS VUNG TAU

On April 12, 2024, Dr. Pham Van Phong, PV GAS’ President & CEO, hosted a meeting with PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company (PV GAS VUNG TAU) regarding its business performance in the first quarter, the plan for the last 9 months of 2024, as well as future directions.

Dr. Pham Van Phong hosted the meeting


In the first quarter of 2024, in the face of a significant decrease in gas supply from the Cuu Long gas system, PV GAS VUNG TAU continuously made efforts to ensure the completion of the assigned plan targets. Compared to the management plan, the targets for condensate and LPG production were not achieved, but they were fulfilled from 101% to 105% compared to the initial year's plan, and revenue reached over 122%.

At Thi Vai Terminal, PV GAS VUNG TAU maintained good operation of terminal services, maximizing the supply of gas and gas products to meet PV GAS' business needs. Particularly, the unit proactively coordinated in improving the efficiency of LPG tanker loading, acquiring customers for terminal and storage services, enhancing the readiness to supply gas and ensuring the reliability of its LNG terminal. In 2024’s Q1, the company also successfully organized two events: commissioning of the truckload station at Thi Vai and receiving the second LNG vessel.

Dr. Pham Van Phong hosted the meeting


At the meeting, PV GAS President & CEO Pham Van Phong directed that PV GAS VUNG TAU consistently focus on safe, continuous, and optimal operations, optimize Thi Vai Terminal to ensure the completion of the assigned 2024 management plan. In the long term, PV GAS VUNG TAU needs to coordinate with the Corporation's divisions and units to develop new products, services/areas of strength, collaborate in planning gas infrastructure, and land areas managed by PV GAS VUNG TAU (Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant, Thi Vai Terminal, Tan Thanh residential area, C2 Chi Linh area) to promote service activities, as well as streamline the organizational structure and adjust the functions and tasks between departments/units to better meet job requirements.

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