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PV GAS pays attention to safety and Covid-19 prevention and control in new context

From 0 AM on July 9, HCM City began social distancing under the Government’s Directive No.16. Moreover, provinces in the country have promptly tightened preventive measures against Covid-19 which has widely ever spread throughout the country. 

To radically prevent from risks and influences on employees caused by Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure sustainable and continuous production as well as trade, General Director of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) has instructed all its affiliate units and members to promptly carry out suitable action programmes to ensure safety for works and national gas pipelines and avoid “Covid enemy” attacking the national energy source.      

To comply with the Government’s instruction on strengthening measures to ensure safety in Covid-19 prevention and control to achieve dual goals; and to base on the requirements of HCM City People’s Committee about carrying out preventive measures in Covid-19 prevention and control under the Directive No.16 issued on March 31 in 2020; PV GAS General Director has had urgent instruction especially for units in the city. The Corporation’s administration office, the affiliate units and members immediately should check and tighten preventive measures against Covid-19 with the motto of “active prevention, early detection, rapid isolation, effective treatment, definitively handle and quickly stabilize the situation”. Units should prepare human resources, medical equipment, and logistics to respond to Covid-19 prevention and control according to procedures/ solutions which the Corporation and units have approved, and to be ready to activate the levels of control in line with the outbreak’s evolution.  

Each PV GAS staff has been instructed to seriously complying with Ministry of Health’s 5K message. They also are required to fill online health declaration forms in time and honestly; to follow the regulation on isolation time and working from home; to maintain health declaration and update their health via published IT application.   

In HCM City, leaders of Boards, Office, Centre under the Corporation’s Administration Office; the counterparts of the affiliate units and members and managers of rooms are on duty turn-by-turn at their workplace. The staff in the city work from home. When necessary and to ensure continuous production an trade, the units’ leaders will decide and be responsible for their employees to come their workplace and gas works, but should limit the number of employees and they should comply with the regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control of the Government, the city People’s Committee, and the Corporation.      

All staff of the PV GAS Gas Dispatching Center carry out the working solution at Zone 0. PV GAS leaders also have instructed its staff to limit leaving areas where they live; After working hours at their office (if necessary), staff only take rest and work at home, limiting contacts with their neighbours, their friends as well as relatives, and not leaving their house if not necessary. 

The Corporation’s Office strictly checks activities to ensure safety in Covid-19 prevention and control when providing logistic services to its staff at the Gas Dispatching Center. The Environment Safety Board is in charge of testing Covid-19 for all staff of service units who work regularly at the Corporation such as drivers, cleaners, the Tower Management Board,….     

The PV GAS Tower Management Board has arranged its staff to be on duty at the tower within 15 days including managers, technicians, cleaners, …. The approved personnel list has been sent to PV GAS’ the Environment Safety Board to watch for and collaborate to handle tasks; to provide logistic services during the time when they are on duty from 0AM on July 9, to ensure safety in the Covid-19 prevention and control and for the tower. The Tower Management Board has instructed office renters in the tower to take initiatives in reviewing, strictly complying with the Directive No.16 and the tower’s regulations: only arranging the minimum of personnel on duty; not meeting guests, not organizing conferences or workshops; stopping repair and care of bonsai from 0AM on July 9 until a new announcement is made.     

All divisions and units have connected together to ensure good collaboration and take initiative in Covid-19 prevention and control, keeping security-safety, finishing disinfection/ firefighting, emergent rescue for the tower as well as its floors in the city. 

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