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PV GAS Party Executive Committee organizes its 11th annual conference

As of part in the 2022 Work Program, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation’s Party Executive Committee (PV GAS Party Committee) on April 26 organized its 11th Conference in the 2020 - 2025 tenure to announce the approval decision for the voting result of the position as the Party Committee’s Deputy Secretary at the Corporation; to evaluate the results of its leadership and direction in 4 months, to set out plans and tasks for the remaining 8 months; to discuss the congress work of the PV GAS affiliated party sub-committees in the 2022 – 2025 tenure; to consider and approve the "Research and study plan to thoroughly grasp and carry out the Conclusions and Regulations from the Fourth Conference of the 13th Party Central Committee".


At the Conference, the collective of the Party Executive Committee, the Secretary of the Party Committee, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO of the Corporation made self-criticism and criticized the implementation of their assigned political responsibility for building the Party Committee and political system with the theme of "self-examination and self-correction" in the line with the spirit of Conclusion No. 21-KL/TW dated October 25 in 2021 issued by 13th Party Central Committee.

At the Conference, on behalf of the Group's Party Committee, comrade Pham Xuan Canh - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Member of the Board of Directors at the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group handed over the decision to approve comrade Hoang Van Quang, Member of the Board of Directors, CEO of PV GAS to hold the position as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.


PV GAS achieved many positive and comprehensive results in the implementation of political tasks, production and business in this year’s first 4 months.  41 thousand tons of condensate were produced and supplied, equal to 180% of the plan. 760 thousand tons of LPG were manufactured and traded, equaling 146% of the plan. All financial targets exceeded the plan by 41-87% and increased by 7-61% compared to the same period of last year (Total revenue in 4 months reached nearly VND 37.5 trillion, nearly VND 5.7 trillion for profit before tax, more than VND 4.5 trillion for profit after taxes and nearly VND2.4 trillion for the contribution to the State budget). Construction and investment, negotiations and signing of agreements, gas/LNG purchase and sale contracts, issues related to charges, mechanisms and policies, capital arrangement, etc. were actively carried out.


The Party development was comprehensively paid attention to, with strong progresses in leadership to carry out political and ideological works; as well as organization and cadre affairs. Building party organizations; checking, supervising and leading socio-political organizations…also were focused.

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