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PV GAS organizes a professional knowledge forum entitled "Gastech forum"

Starting from February 2022, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) organized a forum to share knowledge in operation and maintenance of gas works entitled "Gastech forum".

The forum was an online connection program to improve knowledge, exchange experiences in operation management, maintenance and repair of gas works systems, strengthening internal training within the Corporation as well as implementing the policy of digital transformation, and spreading PV GAS' cultural values of "Safety - Professionalism - Cooperation - Creativity - Efficiency".

On February 17, 2022, the "Gastech forum" was launched, attracting more than 100 employees. Opening the Gastech Forum, the first topic was to "Share experiences in managing Nam Con Son pipelines No. 1 and 2".



Speaking to open the forum, Mr. Tran Huy Thuc - Head of Technical and Technological Department at PV GAS affirmed: Operation, maintenance and repair of gas works always played a very important role in the sustainable, safe, continuous gas supply for PV GAS customers. Besides as a community to connect PV GAS's experienced engineers, he highly appreciated the topics presented at the forum and carefully prepared by internal instructors with many professional contributions to the Corporation. At the same time, he hoped that through the forum, units would continue to increase sharing knowledge, to promote heritage, to support each other, and to draw lessons from each other to apply to their units for the safe and efficient operation of factories and pipeline systems, the completion of production and business plans and the sustainable development of PV GAS.

The "Gastech Forum" will be maintained regularly, the selected topics will focus on complex and important issues in the operation, maintenance and repair of gas works which will be presented by the internal lecturers of PV GAS such as: Exchanging and sharing practical experiences in operation management, maintenance and repair of PV GAS' gas systems and works; Sharing incidents in the gas field around the world and lessons for PV GAS' gas system management; Technical trends in gas extraction, treatment and deep processing from gas; Digital transformation; contents to prepare for the process of receiving and operating the LNG storage system…

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