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PV GAS organized Conference on Cadre affairs and the Corporation’s representatives at other enterprises in 2021

Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) on March 26 organized “Conference on Cadre Affairs and the Corporation’s Representatives at other enterprises in 2021”.

The conference aimed to summarize and evaluate the Corporation's cadre affairs in recent years as well as the role of its representatives in other enterprises, and propose solutions to improve the quality of cadres, develop a contingent of qualified, capable and reputable cadres who carry out the Corporation’s assigned tasks and requirements in the new development stage.

At the conference, after listening to the summary reports on cadre affairs and the Representatives, as well as PV GAS leaders’ orientation in this work, the delegates actively expressed their opinions to evaluate and frankly discuss achieved and unachieved results in the implementation of cadre affairs and the management of PV GAS Representatives.  

Thereby, many practical solutions to improve the quality of cadres; as well as the responsibility and working efficiency of the Representatives in parallel with their corresponding rights and autonomy in managing and operating the Units were proposed.

After the urgent work with a high sense of responsibility, the Conference on Cadre Affairs and the Corporation’s Representatives in other enterprises in 2021 was organised successfully. PV GAS Board of Directors instructed that the conference’s conclusions should be carried out drastically and immediately in reality, contributing to the Corporation’s sustainable development.

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