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PV GAS meets the delegation of the Central Economic Commission - Steering Board to evaluate the deployment of Resolution No. 41-NQ/TW

In the first days of May, the delegation of the Steering Board led by comrade Nguyen Duc Hien - Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission, Deputy Head of the Steering Board and Head of the Editorial Team developing the project of "Evaluating the implementation of the Politburo’s Resolution No.41-NQ/TW dated July 23, 2015 orientating the Development Strategy for Vietnam's Oil and Gas Industry by 2025, with a Vision toward 2035" went on a field trip to make survey on working at the production facilities of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS).

Comrade Pham Van Phong - Deputy General Director and representatives of the Board of Directors, executives, managers of specialized departments/units at the Corporation joined the meeting with the delegation.

Speaking at the meeting, comrade Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission said that both Vietnam's overall gas industry and Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation have made very important contributions in the country’s industrialization over last time; The gas industry is one of the three pillars of Vietnam's oil and gas industry. Amidst the trend of green energy in the world, the gas industry is forecasted to play a leading and pivotal role in the national energy development strategy. To create conditions for Vietnam's gas industry to continue developing, comrade Nguyen Duc Hien asked PV GAS to report and evaluate a number of issues such as: the implementation of the Vietnam’s Gas Industry Development Strategy by 2025, with a vision toward 2035, the achieved results; difficulties, shortcomings, limitations and causes, especially proposals on major guidelines, mechanisms and policies which need the attention and direction from the Politburo and the Government. The representative of the Central Economic Commission suggested that PV GAS leaders should identify, analyze and clarify the new context and situation (compared to the period before the issuance of Resolution 41) as well as the strong impact of energy transition trends on Vietnam's gas industry development, thereby proposing corresponding solutions.

At the conference, PV GAS reported the results of the deployment of guidelines and policies to develop Vietnam's oil and gas industry as required in the Politburo’s Resolution 41-NQ/TW, representing PV GAS leaders to say that PV GAS has basically successfully and comprehensively fulfilled the set goals and tasks. PV GAS has built a comprehensive gas industry infrastructure system, actively joined and affirmed its prestige in the international gas product trading market, helping ensure the national food and energy security and set many records in revenue and profit, thereby significantly contributing to the State budget, etc.

In addition to the advantages and success in the implementation of Resolution No.41-NQ/TW, the representative of PV GAS leaders made objective and frank assessments and reported to the Central Economic Commission on difficulties, and challenges which affect operations, production and business efficiency as well as the long-term sustainable development of Vietnam's gas industry, specifically: the rapid decline of domestic gas sources while new ones are not found and added timely; difficulties in the implementation of investment projects on infrastructures for importing and trading LNG, and deep processing; the approval of fees by state management agencies facing many obstacles and different interpretations/perspectives leading to limitations for the development of gas industry infrastructure projects; and legal basis for the implementation of projects to add new energy sources such as hydrogen gas, etc.

At the meeting, the delegates focused, identified and analyzed these challenges, thereby clarifying the shortcomings and problems, and proposing key solutions. Most opinions at the meeting agreed with the proposal that the Party and State leaders should issue new and specific guidelines and strategic orientations for developing Vietnam's overall oil and gas industry and the gas industry in particular.

Ending the field trip, comrade Nguyen Duc Hien - Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission suggested that PV GAS should continue carefully studying relevant contents, consulting international experiences, and comprehensively assessing the issues in line with the content of Resolution No.41-NQ/TW to add the basis of proposals and recommendations for the Project. Comrade Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission instructed PV GAS to soon provide detailed information and proposals; The Project Development Editorial Team will synthesize and get the exchange ideas and discussions with PV GAS representatives to study, select, and develop a draft Report for the Project as soon as possible to submit to the Politburo.

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