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PV GAS: Launches an emulation movement in 2023

The 2022 PV GAS Employee Conference was an important event to summarize and evaluate its production and business performance and Trade Union’s activities in 2022 and carry out a plan in 2023. At the conference, comrade Tran Xuan Thanh - President of PV GAS Trade Union launched an Emulation movement and leaders of PV GAS Party Committee, the Management Board, Trade Union and Youth Union launched QR code to commit to "Surpassing their tasks and targets in 2023 with specific contents as follows:

- First: existing gas works and new works/projects were operated safely and efficiently; Maximum and continuous supply of gas and gas products to customers were ensured.

- Second: Market expansion and development were strengthened. Local and abroad new gas sources were researched, searched and developed; Communication, brand and product promotion were paid attention to; LNG market was prepared.

- Third: The progress of projects was focused on controlling, the trial run was completed and the one- million- ton Thi Vai LNG storage project was put into commercial operation; Investment in deep processing, product diversification and gas supply options nationwide were studied and made.

- Fourth: Mechanisms, policies, regulations, standards... relating to the gas sector were set up, proposed and approved. Negotiation, signing, management and effective exploitation of gas and gas product and sale contracts were focused on.

- Fifth: Governance was constantly improved; the system of internal regulations and rules was perfected; Flexible and effective solutions in operation were set up. PV GAS was strongly restructured in line with the 2021 – 2025 plan approved by the Group.

- Sixth: Emulation movements of good and creative labor, initiatives for technical improvement, labour productivity growth, thrift practice, cost reduction, lower product costs, competitiveness improvement were promoted constantly.

- Seven: The regeneration and spread of corporate culture, digital transformation and ERP system establishment were continued in line with the orientation of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and the characteristics of PV GAS.


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