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PV Gas in response to world environment day

The annual June 5th is selected as World Environment Day by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This is an important annual international environmental event in which Vietnam has participated since 1982. This becomes a particular activity that practically contributes to raising the public awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development. Up to present, World Environment Day is the biggest annual environmental event in the world that attracts the human to participate.

The United Nations has named 2014 as the International Year of the small island developing states. The theme of World Environment Day 2014 is "Raise Your Voice, not the sea level" to emphasize the role and importance of environmental protection and response to climate change in vulnerable areas such as islands and coastal areas. Therefore, for Vietnam in particular and the world in general, this is the starting day for a whole year towards the sea and island environment. With a length of over 3,260 km coastline along with approximately 50% of the population in the country living in low-lying areas, including most of our Ba Ria – Vung Tau province’s area, Vietnam is considered one of the countries easily becoming vulnerable and suffering negative effects due to climate change and sea level rise, that has become the available risk to the target of poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

In order to practically respond to World Environment Day 2014, the levels, sectors and local authorities have simultaneously launched a series of responding activities; organized and promoted the propaganda, mobilization, education programs to raise the awareness among people, programs of using natural resources economically, efficiently and sustainably and protecting the environment, programs of encouraging the use of eco-friendly technologies and products, limiting the use of raw materials that produce exhaust emissions causing greenhouse effect, activities of raising public opinions to condemn the violation against the environmental protection laws.

As one of the leading Corporations of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation - PV Gas is the key unit duly assigned by the Government the tasks of building and developing the gas industry in Vietnam. During its operation with dedication to the works, PV Gas concerns with not only the immediate economic benefits, but also the developing society factors for the sake of Vietnamese people in the future. The issues of environmental protection, security – safety assurance for the gas works and the involving localities are always the primary tasks that PV Gas has made highest efforts and overcome many hardships to complete. PV Gas is also one of the leading units of the oil and gas industry to participate and promote numerous environmental programs. First of all, PV Gas is the pioneer of the gas industry, providing clean energy source for development. The gas supply of PV Gas is significantly replacing other feedstocks harmful to the environment such as coal, gasoline, burning woods, etc., which helps mitigate the emissions of CO2, NOx. This process is evaluated as a practical and effective action, contributing to bringing about a cleaner environment.

In production and business activities, PV Gas is also one of the first enterprises in Vietnam that has been conferred the international environmental certificate ISO 14001 and always maintained its standards for years. PV Gas’s projects always include the environmental impact assessments and environmental protection solutions that are strictly implemented during the deployment of the projects as well as in the operation, production and business processes of the Corporation.

In order to practically respond to the annual World Environment Day, PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation always direct to hold a number of practical activities associated with its production and business operations. PV GAS has deployed and urged its subsidiaries to organize the propaganda, mobilization, education programs to raise the awareness of environmental protection among its personnel and the people; encourage the use of eco-friendly technologies and products with less energy consumption, limit the use of resources that produce exhaust emissions causing pollution. In Ba Ria – Vung Tau, PV Gas in cooperation with Nam Con Son Gas Pipeline Joint Venture sponsored World Environment Day opening ceremony of the province, participated in cultivating the trees and presented the garbage cans to schools; gave training support to 300 businesses and organizations operating in the local on environmental protection laws.

The media campaigns guiding the personnel and community through environment topics, saving and avoiding waste of foods, which contribute to form the awareness of eco-friendly consumption for everyone were simultaneously launched at the units of PV GAS in May and June 2014. PV GAS also participated in and supported the conferences and meetings kicking off the programs on sanitation, waste and trash collection and processing; solving the existing pressing environmental issues in residential areas; cleansing the water flows, dredging ponds, lakes, canals, drainage systems; demonstrating and launching the environmental protection propaganda and other practical activities. At its offices and construction works, PV GAS hangs banners, billboards, posters, slogans on the theme World Environment Day 05/6/2014 to remind people to act together to protect the environment.

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