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PV GAS cares about its employees’ well-being

Identifying the human factor as one of the attributes to its success, Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) always prioritizes the well-being of its employees. The corporation focuses on attracting and nurturing talents as well as building harmonious and progressive labor relations for the development of the business.

Taking good care of its employees

Currently, PV GAS has more than 4,200 employees, nearly 70% of whom have got university and/or postgraduate qualifications. Of these, male laborers account for 78%, while female laborers make up 22%. The employees all have stable incomes and a comprehensive benefits package at work.

PV GAS’ regular health check-up programs

The corporation consistently emphasizes democratic regulations and strong labor relations. Collective teambuilding programs, the launch of emulation movements, and social welfare campaigns are frequently organized.

The working environment is always being ensured and continuously improved. PV GAS has been implementing the 5S program, which contributes to a clean, professional and safe workplace and thereby helps to increase labor productivity. Quarterly, PV GAS and its units organize surveys of occupational health and environmental monitoring for the sake of safe working conditions.

Emphasis on nurturing talents

In 2023, PV GAS carried out 400 training courses for 12,200 individuals, surpassing the annual plan by 123%, according to the Group's orientation. These have long been envisioned to be of great help for the corporation in terms of its value chain, energy transition strategy and digital transformation.

Human resource development at PV GAS


Furthermore, innovation and creativity are also a focus and actively implemented. In 2023, PV GAS proposed 330 ideas and solutions that were received, evaluated, and supported for application in reality, contributing positively to the company's production and business efficiency.

In addition, the movement of initiatives and creativity is also being paid attention to. In 2023, PV GAS’ employees proposed 330 ideas and solutions, which were accepted, evaluated, and supported for implementation in practice, contributing positively to the efficiency of the Group's production and businesses.

Stepping into 2024, in the face many difficulties and challenges, PV GAS’ calls for unity and dedication among all employees. Altogether, the corporation strives to excellently complete assigned targets and thereby maintain stable employment and income for the workforce.

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